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Global Citizen Live: 24 hour mega concert with The Weeknd, Coldplay and Metallica

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Adam Lambert, Alicia Cara, Andrea Bocelli, Angelique Kidjo, Billie Eilish, BTS, Camila Cabello, Kristen and Queens or even Coldplay, Demi Lovato, Doran, Ed Sheeran, Green Day and HER have currently confirmed their presence. There will also be Hugh Jackman, Keith Urban, Lord, Metallica, Ricky Martin, Shawn Mendes, The Lumineers as well as The Weeknd, and Usher.

Canadian singer The Weeknd said in a statement that it is extremely important for me to participate in this historic event to draw attention and encourage action for the people of Ethiopia, who are facing a devastating humanitarian crisis. It is an honor for me to play and help these people who are suffering so badly.

Funding for Vaccines and Fighting Famine

Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans hopes the event, which will coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, will inspire governments, companies and philanthropists to fund one billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Here in September, especially in Africa.

The group also hopes to raise US$6 billion, or about C$7.5 billion, to help 41 million people on the brink of famine, and provide enough money to plant one billion trees to help them fight climate change.

For those wondering if these goals are realistic, Mr. Evans cites the star race now taking place as an example.

As billionaires rise to the stars, people need to be reminded that we have one planet, that we need to take care of it and those who live there, he told The Associated Press. The world’s richest people can now solve these problems.

An investment of US$6 billion to fight famine in Africa would seem huge. But frankly, Jeff Bezos could sign this check tomorrow morning and it would be a small percentage of his total fortune. I am for people to dream, to dream big, but also to dream of a world where the social problems that still exist are being solved by the people who have the means to do so.

Happened on six continents

Global Citizen Live will take place on six continents. Live events are scheduled in Central Park, New York; on the Champ de Mars, in Paris; As well as in London and Los Angeles. Other events and concerts will be held in Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Lagos, Nigeria.

More names are expected to be added to the list of artists already shown and additional details, including ticket details, will be announced next month.

Global Citizen Live will encourage millions of people to pressure governments and companies to donate money or take action to support the group’s goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. Evans reports that land was lost during the pandemic, with the ensuing economic woes pushing 150 million people back to extreme poverty.

400 m $ United States of Education

Mr Evans said education will also be discussed during the event, which he hopes to raise US$400 million, or about C$500 million, to get 4.5 million children back into school. Globally, only one in three children has access to distance education. The number of children with no education has jumped by 50% since 2020.

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“I always say that people are interested in either global issues or social issues,” Evans said. In September, we will target both.

The program is ambitious, but Mr Evans said he was encouraged by the successes of Global Citizen since the start of the year.

In May, the group sponsored the VAX Live initiative to access the COVID-19 Tools Accelerator, which includes the WHO’s COVAX Program for the Equitable Distribution of Vaccines. The VAX Live concert has generated $302 million USD, or approximately 378 million Canadian dollars, and has acquired 26 million doses against COVID-19.

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