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Climate: Greta Thunberg will not attend COP26 due to unequal access to vaccines

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Stockholm | Greta Thunberg, an anti-climate change personality, said she does not plan to attend the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November due to unequal access to vaccines between rich and poor countries.

“Because of the extremely unfair distribution of vaccines, I will not go to COP26 if the situation continues as it is today,” the Swedish activist said.

The young woman, who celebrated her 18th birthday in early January, called on the British government to postpone the COP26 conference again, which has already been postponed for the first time due to the health situation, if the inequality in vaccines between countries does not allow equal access for participants and activists.

The Fridays for the Future movement and school climate strikes call for rich countries to share their doses with populations at risk in poor countries “instead of vaccinating healthy young people.”

“If this is not possible, I suggest postponing (COP26) so that everyone can participate in the same circumstances,” she told AFP, confirming the information received from the BBC.

The activist said, however, that she does not rule out reversing her decision if vaccine inequality improves. “Of course I would like to participate in COP26, but only if everyone is equal,” she said.

COP26 has been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus, and COP26 is scheduled to take place from November 1 to 12 in Glasgow, Scotland, in an effort to respond to the climate emergency.

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