“Cole Caufield, it’s a steal!” – Pat Bryson

two months. Yes, it’s only been a couple of months since Cole Caufield took his first steps in the big league and yet he doesn’t need an introduction anymore and it looks like he’s already covered in aura. Players agent Pat Bryson said while on the show JIC It was indeed a robbery on the part of Mark Bergevin.

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“Caufield is a special player. He has ice in his veins. When it matters, he’s capable of performing on the big stage. Everywhere I’ve seen him play, he wants the disc when it matters, he’s a great athlete,” said Bryson, who has followed young Caufield’s development over the years. the past ten years.

The 20-year-old striker has fascinated the hockey world for many reasons, from his devastating throw and unique skating style to the fun he feels on the ice. We have to admit that he has adapted very well to the NHL, he is the one who claims an impressive record of 4 goals and 5 assists in 15 playoffs.

“It’s a trip. He slipped because of his size. I couldn’t believe he’d be recruited past the 10th class. That’s why I told Mark Bergevin not to waste his time with Caufield, and that he would no longer be available to pick Canadians in 15th place,” according to Pat Bryson.

Hats off to Marc Bergevin

A great relationship exists between the players’ agent and general manager of the Canadians, Mark Bergevin. Brisson did not fail to salute the work done by the architect of Sainte-Flanelle.

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“He’s worked hard. It’s not easy to do a job with reviews and all that stuff. He’s made some tough decisions and he deserves everything that happens to him.”

“Mark was like that as a player, he’s a warm person. He hasn’t changed. He has a locker room pulse.” Brendon Bryson’s father, who was picked 29th by the Golden Knights at the latest ice hockey auction, added, “It’s one of his strengths and he can feel it.” Men”.

Mark Bergevin’s contract expires at the end of this season. We’re betting CH’s latest results will serve him well as he renegotiates the latter.

“There will definitely be interest throughout the league because of his work and his connections. I still see him in Montreal for several years given what he has built and his connection to Jeff Molson.”

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