Cole Coffield, the most playoff rookie in NHL history

Since joining the Canadiens, Cole Caufield has quickly established himself as a favorite among CH fans. His sense of humor, his aggressive style and his chemistry with Nick Suzuki all played a part in this.

Another element that helped him was his ability to be cling. He may be a little petite, but that doesn’t stop him from getting up on special occasions. Remember, his first two NHL goals were scored in overtime.

During the qualifiers, we felt an almost constant improvement from him with each match. In addition, his ability to be productive in the important moments has not really disappeared.

Guide? Caufield has three points in overtime since the start of the current playoffs, a record for a first-year player in NHL history.

I say “Player of the Year” because, in theory, he won’t be a rookie until next season.

Speaking of additional work, we note that they have benefited from CH since the beginning of the current series. The team won in overtime to eliminate the Jets and Golden Knights, and don’t forget that they also won in over 60 minutes to avoid elimination in Matches 5 and 6 against Toronto and last night’s Match 4 against Lightning. All in all, Team Montreal has a 6-1 overtime record during the current playoffs.

But back to cling Cole Caufield.

In addition to being solid on the great moments (a bit like his team), Coffield now has 12 points in 19 games since the start of the playoffs. This puts him third among the top scorers in CH in the 2021 qualifiers, but it also puts him in the same ranking when you compare him to all the rising players who played in the CH finalists.

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Only Claude Lemieux (16 points) and Jacques Lemerre (13 points) did better than the little maverick.

The Canadians’ No. 22 is a standout player, and while he may not have had a hard time meeting up, he is able to stand up when the time comes to lead his team to victory.

He truly is the “little guy for special occasions”.

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