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Collective agreement: Videotron requests the interference of the matcher

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The matchmaker will attempt to resolve the ongoing deadlock in negotiations between Videotron and the Videotron Staff Union (SEVL).

The company filed a notification of the dispute to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service on Wednesday.

The collective agreement in question, affecting nearly 3,000 employees of the Quebec Cable Company, expired on December 31, 2018.

According to employers, about sixty negotiation meetings did not allow reaching an agreement.

“I realize that this is an important measure, and even if the conciliation request, according to Canadian Labor Law, is a step towards obtaining strike and shutdown rights, know that the videotron’s will is still in the process of negotiation,” Videotron’s President and CEO, Jean-Francois Bruno, said Wednesday .

For its part, the Workers Union of Vidéotron ltée (SEVL) said it regrets the change of events.

“We listen to the issues raised by the employer at the negotiating table and provide good solutions.” The head of SEVL, Nick Mingione, said in a statement: “The employer is asking for major concessions and seems closed to the latter, which nonetheless achieves most of its goals.”

We have just completed a blitzkrieg lasting ten days of intense negotiations that made it possible to narrow down the differences that divide the two parties. We fundamentally require that we be able to perform the tasks that fall upon us here in Quebec and have a slight improvement in the purchasing power of the members we represent, ”continued CUPE advisor and spokesperson Martin LaRose.

“We are proud of our company. We have contributed and continue to contribute to making Videotron a very profitable company and we want a solution that ensures its sustainability. We are open to changes, but not without including ourselves in the decisions,” stated Nick Mingyun.

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