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Collision with a tree and soldiers thrown to the ground: the Russian army is in great difficulty

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Russian forces have been struggling in the Kharkiv region since the Ukrainian counter-offensive began in September.

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Surreal video transmitted by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Saturday and approved daily Mail Russian soldiers appear in great difficulty, near Izyum, in the Kharkiv Territory.

A Russian army tank can be seen traveling at high speed, trying to escape from the advancing Ukrainian armed forces.

The images from the Ukrainian drone are striking. Russian soldiers should throw themselves to the ground, in front of the special forces of Ukraine.

At the end of the summary, the Russian tank hit a tree, which collapsed on top of the soldiers still on the boat.

screenshot | TwitterDefenceU

The town of Izyum was in the hands of the Russian army for several months, before the Ukrainians recaptured it on September 10.

President Zelensky announced in his speech on Saturday that Ukraine had recovered 2,000 square kilometers of land from the Russians.

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