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Harmonie Mutuelle chooses Xenia to promote intergenerational coexistence

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Prevention is a major part of our businessexplains Steve Martin, director of prevention projects at Harmonie Mutuelle. As such, intergenerational coexistence responds to our desire to offer our senior members distinctive solutions that allow them to age in good health, at home and in good conditions. of any verb.

To do so, the joint company chose to reference the startup Xenia’s offering. The partnership, which was signed around an agreement between the two companies, aims to “evangelize” and provide intergenerational service to the senior members of the Mutual Insurance Company.

Concretely, it involves associating young people under the age of 30 with people over the age of 60 who have a vacant room in their home. A concept that was born twenty years ago in Barcelona, ​​Spain and has since developed in France

By putting this old man’s room for rent, Xenia Service Seniors are allowed to benefit from additional income (an average of 350 euros per month).

In addition to the financial aspect, the idea is also to provide a social and supportive response to keeping the elderly at home, a public health issue, and to isolate them on a daily basis by encouraging the creation of intergenerational bonds.

To introduce its members to the coexistence of generations, a whole system of actions will be published by the subscriber during the year in order to promote this new service, still unknown to the French.

Among them, webinars on the topic of intergenerational participation, targeted communication procedures or even events in agencies across France (Paris, Nancy, Nantes, etc.) to introduce this concept to the elderly but also to local elected officials, companies and regional associations.

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Seniors who wish to subscribe to this service will be presented with a promotional code that allows them to benefit from 50% of the platform’s administrative fee, ie 50 euros for contracts lasting more than 3 months.

The partnership established by the two companies is a great opportunity to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of intergenerational coexistence. Together we will go faster and better. But above all, we will provide the elderly with a solution that will allow them to live longer at home. says Celine Amauri, founder of Xenia.

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