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Comedy Fest-Québec: Sprinkler watering fun

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The sprinkler has been watered diabolically. Mike Ward displays a barrage of gags as cliched, menacing, and hilarious as he does good work that launched comedy! Fest-Québec 2021, Wednesday evening, at Théâtre Capitole.

From his ugliness to his legal troubles, through his excess weight, vegan diet and alcoholism, a topic that many of his guest friends have taken advantage of, he spared nothing during this merry-making exercise.

All taboos were left in the chests. So much so that writing this evening in a family magazine poses a problem.

Martin Matt compares his sense of humor to his

Stevens LeBlanc’s photo

Martin Matt compared his humor to his “victim”.

Suppose that during the re-broadcast of the comedy on TV, it will be necessary to include several beeps in our article in order to hide the verbs related to sexual activities mentioned several times without any shame.

No one would be surprised to learn that his court battle against Jeremy Gabriel was a recurring topic. Right from the start, host Patrick Grolicks has also admitted that it has become difficult for him to stand up for his friend’s bad jokes.

Mike Ward seemed to be enjoying his evening...

Stevens LeBlanc’s photo

Mike Ward seemed to be enjoying his evening…

“I went to tell my aunt that the young man was not that handicapped.”

to bite

The tone is set. Laurent Paquin introduced him as a comedian who “didn’t need to make a bruise on Safiya Nolin’s thigh to prove he was bitten.”

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In good shape, Kristen Morency couldn’t believe he got married on Valentine’s Day. “I judge you less than if I were… (here is a case of a verb we cannot reproduce) an Easter bunny.” “

Patrick Grolicks was also part of the party.

Stevens LeBlanc’s photo

Patrick Grolicks was also part of the party.

Stéphane Valaud, Denis Drollet, Cathy Gauthier, Brych, Daniel Grenier, and Jean-Thomas Jobin also paid, with great pleasure, the costs of enlistment. roasted Glad the audience made fun of the bad jokes he was the target of.

As a good specialist in corrosive humour, Mike Ward finally got his revenge. After Martin passed Matt, in fact, who had just proven that comparing their respective success in humor, it was like comparing “champagne and pee.”

What Mike Ward replied that Matty “actually lost a trophy in the show of the year against Michelle Mbambara”.

dog? Sure, but it was a successful start to comedy! festival.

It remains to be seen what will be retained during editing when this is well rendered on TVA’s VRAI platform.

The Grands bien-cuits series continues Thursday evening with a double programme. Lise Dion will play the game for the first time, at 6.30pm, in a session moderated by José Gaudet. At 9:30 p.m., it will be PA Méthot’s turn to suffer the mockery of his teammates, in a well-prepared event hosted by Dominique Paquet.

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