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Tony Vaughn
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Chance that Rene Simard sang his success how are you ? By pretending to be a heavy metal singer on Thursday night at the Capitol. It was the most exciting moment of a rather dull evening, Thursday night, at the first comedy party! Quebec Festival 2021.

No, the party hosted by veteran PA Méthot will not make history. At least that was the case with the first part, the part we attended before the deadline.

To give an idea, the best moments occurred when Laurent Paquin left his text because a fly was circling his head and when P.A. Méthot set his place as a spectator he had the carelessness to argue with him.

In fact, we still need to add the opening number to the list of good times. Resplendent in her blubber-like outfit, PA Méthot enjoyed with Melissa Bedard mixing songs, like singing kill me, by Dan Bigrass, to the tunes It’s good for morale.

It was fun, but the highlight of the part was the surprising performance of René Simard. He infuriated the audience when he thought he was a heavy metal singer, an unruly performance that included sloppy clothes and kicks showing amazing resilience.


Next, let’s say it wasn’t always about a big festival like ComediHa!

Unknown to the public, Josiane Aubuchon has a face and liveliness on stage, but her story of skiing down a mountain in the Swiss Alps lacks an essential ingredient: gags.

So Laurent Paquin had little to do to raise the bar, though his observations of our prejudices, thoughtfully embellished with Corvette’s big, little cock expression, were not what he gave us the most creative of his career.

Let’s quickly turn to Frankie, who didn’t laugh much, to point out that Jean-Claude Gilinas, thanks to his bold, but always effective, humor of his character Réjean de Terrebonne, garnered an even more enthusiastic reaction. All guests who have not been called Rene Simard.

Gaspé Peninsula in Méthot

Unwillingly, P. A. Méthot would have best summed up this first part during his monologue on Gaspé, before the intermission, when one of his jokes fell through. “When we wrote it, we thought that joke was funny.”

At least, after he failed to surprise us with new angles, he retracted some good angles by answering many of the questions that were put to him about his home region. Including that Kevin Parent runs a microbrewery there and “brews the beer himself.”

However, it is still to be hoped that the second part of the concert, which has just started at the time of writing, will be of better quality.

♦ On Friday evening, Dennis Drollet will be at the helm of our second comedy party! Fest-Québec, starting at 8pm, always at Théâtre Capitole.

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