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Best Kid Themed Restaurants in Toronto 2023

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With the diverse culinary scene that Toronto offers, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to dining out with your little ones. Yet, sometimes it takes a little more to keep children entertained during a meal. Themed restaurants can bring an extra layer of excitement to family outings, transforming a simple meal into a magical experience. Here are some of the best kid-themed restaurants in Toronto, guaranteed to keep both the tummies and hearts of your little ones full.

Best Kid Themed Restaurants in Toronto

 The Old Spaghetti Factory:

This longstanding Toronto favourite is a delightful experience for children and adults alike. Housed in a historic building, the restaurant offers an environment that feels like a whimsical museum. The antique trolley car parked right in the middle of the restaurant is always a hit with kids.

With an extensive and affordable menu featuring classic Italian dishes, the Old Spaghetti Factory provides a dining experience where kids can enjoy their favourite spaghetti while being intrigued by the restaurant’s unique decor.

The Rec Room:

The Rec Room is a family’s dream destination that combines dining and entertainment. This massive complex features a restaurant serving up creative and classic dishes, a bar for adults, and an arcade filled with games suitable for all ages. It’s the perfect spot for family outings, where children can enjoy playing games before or after eating.

An added bonus is their Kids Menu, offering choices such as macaroni cheese, chicken fingers, and mini burgers, tailored to satisfy younger taste buds.

Rainforest Cafe:

Located at Vaughan Mills, a short drive from downtown Toronto, the Rainforest Cafe is an immersive experience that transports you into the heart of a tropical jungle. The interior is filled with animatronic animals, lush vegetation, and even periodic thunderstorms.

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The menu offers a wide variety of items to cater to all tastes, including a kid-friendly menu featuring dishes like the Rainforest Rascal and the Python Pasta. Their attention to detail, interactive surroundings, and delicious food create a unique, enjoyable dining experience that’s a must-visit.

The Pirate Life:

Perfect for little adventurers, The Pirate Life offers an interactive dining experience aboard a real pirate ship! Located on Centre Island, your little buccaneers can enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt, firing water cannons, and even getting their faces painted, all while feasting on kid-friendly grub.

It’s a truly immersive experience that combines a meal with a delightful adventure on the high seas.

Cacao 70:

For a sweet treat, take your kids to Cacao 70 in the Distillery District. This eatery is a chocolate lover’s paradise with a menu dedicated to all things cocoa. Children can enjoy the restaurant’s playful take on food, with creations like chocolate pizza, s’mores, and a variety of extravagant hot chocolate concoctions.

Their menu also includes savory options, ensuring there’s something to balance out the sweet.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament:

If your family is up for an evening of chivalry, sport, and spectacle, you’ll find it at Medieval Times. This family-friendly dinner show takes you back to the Middle Ages with a thrilling jousting tournament, performed by knights while you enjoy your meal.

The menu is Middle Ages-inspired (yes, you eat with your hands!), but a kids’ menu is also available. The combination of entertainment and a hearty meal makes this a fun, educational outing.

The Lockhart:

For older kids (especially Harry Potter fans), The Lockhart is an unmissable experience. This Harry Potter-inspired bar offers a magical atmosphere complete with cocktails named after famous spells, potions, and characters from the beloved series.

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Though primarily a bar, The Lockhart also serves up some delicious food. Their brunch menu, with offerings like the Dementor’s Kiss and The Befuddlement Draught, is particularly popular. Remember, this is more suitable for teens and young adults due to its bar-oriented environment.

East Tea Can:

For a taste of the Middle East, bring your kids to East Tea Can in Mississauga. This restaurant brings together a playful atmosphere with authentic Middle Eastern food. The interior, designed with a whimsical touch, keeps children entertained with its vibrant colors and art.

Their menu is expansive, providing a culinary journey through the Middle East with kid-friendly options like shawarma, hummus, and falafel.

Cafe Belong:

Located at the Evergreen Brick Works, Cafe Belong offers a dining experience with a focus on local and organic food. With an airy, relaxed environment, it’s an excellent choice for families.

The children’s menu has healthy, appealing choices such as chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, and apple slices with honey. The best part? After the meal, you can explore the beautiful surrounding area, including the children’s garden and public art installations.

Playtime Bowl & Entertainment:

This entertainment hub is more than just a bowling alley. With an extensive menu featuring a range of tasty dishes like chicken wings, pizza, and burgers, it’s perfect for refueling after a fun game of bowling. There’s also an arcade and laser tag available, making it an all-around entertainment destination for families.

Marché Restaurant:

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Marché is a culinary trip around the world. Designed as an indoor market, children can enjoy exploring the various food stalls that serve a variety of dishes from different cuisines.

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They offer a Kids Eat Free program on certain days, and the interactive dining experience of choosing and watching their food being prepared keeps kids entertained.

Chic Choc:

Last but not least, Chic Choc offers a perfect ending to any meal – dessert! Located in North York, this cafe boasts a variety of decadent treats that are visually playful and pleasing, making it a kid’s favorite. Their signature honey toast and fun drinks like the Unicorn Frappe are a must-try.

From the adventurous spirit of The Pirate Life to the magical ambiance of The Lockhart, Toronto’s kid-themed restaurants offer a wide array of dining experiences to keep your little ones entertained.

But remember, the city’s culinary scene is always evolving, so always be on the lookout for the next kid-friendly food adventure! These places prove that dining out with children can be both fun and delicious. No matter your child’s age or food preference, there’s a themed restaurant in Toronto that’s a perfect fit for your family.

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