Complex inspection of the dam in Port-Cartier

However, the city faces an unexpected obstacle: the dam’s gates are welded. They must be opened mechanically in order to lower the water level, which will allow the inspection to be carried out.

So the municipality deals with an engineering company in order to find a solution to the problem, whose total bill is expected to be high.

I don’t know if it’s a budget issue, of course we’re talking about big costs. But the people decided in time to weld the doors. Today, to do the inspection, you have to lower the water level. Such is the complexity of the project that it will surely raise the prices, explains the Mayor of Port-Cartier, Alain Thibault.

Alain Thibault, Mayor of Port-Cartier.

According to Mayor Tipu, the doors were tightly closed during the construction of the dam in 1950 (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada/Daniel Fontaine

Once the dam inspection is completed, the extent of structural deterioration will be known. The city then intends to initiate the invitation to bid process in order to carry out works to bring the dam compliant.

Hunting should not be affected

The Pionniers Dam, which overlooks the Rivière-au-Rochers, is a popular spot for salmon fishermen in the area.

There is also a migration corridor near the dam, which allows fish to be transported artificially upstream.

Two passersby watching the salmon trap

Without the use of a fish lane, it would be impossible for salmon to cross an artificial obstacle the size of a dam (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada/Felix Label

The potential action should have no effect on the salmon’s vitality, according to the Riviere or Rocher Conservation Society.

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