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Conference at CORIM | The Chinese ambassador removes all criticism

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(Ottawa) re-education camps in Xinjiang as “schools”. Mikhail’s trials are conducted according to the rules of art. Hong Kong’s National Security Act has enabled a transition from “chaos” to “rule of law.”

Melanie MarquezMelanie Marquez

These are some of the answers given by the Chinese ambassador to Canada, Kong Pyo, to whom the Council on International Relations in Montreal (CORIM) presented a forum moderated by former Quebec Prime Minister Pierre Mark Johnson, on Tuesday noon.

Chef de Mission spent eight minutes in Beijing, Ottawa giving a presentation on the history of the Central Empire, including the establishment of the People’s Republic of China as a landmark as well as the establishment of various diplomatic relations, particularly those with Canada.

As far as diplomacy is concerned, he said, the Chinese regime “has always believed that conversation is better than confrontation.” Once finished with his eight-minute speech, the host called him the economics issue before turning into three more complex issues.

The Xinjiang genocide, the arbitrary detention of Canadians Michael Covrig and Michael Spavor – the two were brought to justice for spying behind closed doors three weeks ago and still awaiting a verdict – and Beijing’s controversial national security law to subjugate Hong Kong.

In each case, Ambassador Kong emphasized that China had nothing to blame.

First, regarding the situation of the Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang, the West has once again accused, “including Canada,” of interfering in China’s internal affairs “also, saying on the pretext of human rights,” and stressing the existence of “nothing is genocide.”

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In fact, Xi Jinping’s regime is engaged in a “war against terrorism and secession,” a battle that specifically involves education. “You call it camps [de rééducation]But these are schools, in fact. ”

The United States concluded that the Uyghurs were subjected to genocide. In Canada, the Trudeau government is not prepared to go that far, despite Conservative Representative Michael Chung endorsing a unanimous proposal in the House of Commons recognizing the existence of genocide.

They are both Michael

The host of the virtual event discussed with his guest the case of Michael, who were arrested in China on December 10, 2018, a few days after he was arrested, in Canada, and at the request of the United States, regarding the Huawei number. Two, Meng Wanzhou.

The ambassador called that the two men were not subjected to ill-treatment in prison, “sleep deprivation, confiscation of reading glasses, this is not true,” and that the judicial system has “strong evidence” that they “stole state secrets and took them abroad.” Destinations.

Kong Pyo insisted that if the legal proceedings are taking place behind closed doors, it is precisely because of the nature of the charges against the former diplomat and businessman. This is why it is not open to the public. He said: You have similar practices in Canada.

Pierre Mark Johnson politely corrected it.

“While it is true that some aspects of national security issues are not dealt with publicly, there is always an outside attorney who reviews evidence and makes recommendations to the judge on what parts can be released to the public.” , Lavery’s legal advisor raised.

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Hong Kong

Another file and another negation.

When asked about the imposition of the National Security Act in Hong Kong, Kong Pyo said it was viewed positively because it helped overcome the “chaos” that prevailed before the law was passed, for example. Beijing, to the “rule of law.”

In 2019, there were hate crimes on the streets of Hong Kong targeting innocent citizens, even police officers. It cannot be tolerated […] Because it cannot be tolerated anywhere else, like the United States or here in Canada.

The Chinese parliament adopted this controversial national security clause in May 2020 in response to the protests that rocked the former British colony in 2019. It sparked feelings of independence in the former colony, which was handed over to Britain in 1997.

Controversial attendance

CORIM’s invitation to the Chinese ambassador – at the request of the Chinese embassy in Canada – was It was criticized by some observers, notably by former Ottawa ambassador to Beijing, Guy San Jacques.

He did not listen to the hadith “in principle”.

“I understand he was invited in 2019, he just arrived in the position. We give the runner a chance. It was appropriate. But in the meantime a lot has happened. [dans les relations sino-canadiennes]. “Kurim disappointed me,” he explains in an interview.

Guy Saint-Jacques notes that he is particularly familiar with the “all propaganda efforts” that the internationally chosen system is involved in. “Why did he get a platform where he repeated the same things, that all this is Canada’s fault?” Guy Saint-Jacques asks.

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CORIM defended its decision to make a presentation to Cong Peiwu in an open letter published in Pages Journalism.

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