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Conservative candidate targeted for sexual misconduct allegations in Nova Scotia | Canada elections 2021

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Canada’s Conservative Party, led by Erin O’Toole, issued a brief statement on Monday announcing its decision.

 [Dimanche] In the evening, the Conservative Party learned of serious allegations against a candidate Dartmouth – Cole Harbor. We take allegations of sexual misconduct with the seriousness they deserve, asked the Conservative Party. Myers By withdrawing his candidacy and accepting itCan we read the press release?

Allegations come from Lauren Scabar, who failed to get elected as a candidate for NPD During the last regional elections in Nova Scotia.

in a thread Twitter Launched on Sunday, Ms. scabbar Allegations she met Troy Myers In October 2019 during the Public Library Association Conference in Nova Scotia. Troy Myers he is the Executive Director Chief Librarian of Public Libraries in the District South Shore.

According to Mrs. scabbar, NS. Myers He offered on this occasion to create a position for his employment and began to say that he was his future boss.

The next day, always during the same conference and always according to Lauren ScabarAnd Troy Myers She slipped her hand under her skirt to her underwear. She says she rejected his predecessor and he replied that this is not the way to talk to your future boss.

Lauren Scabar She said she was deeply wounded.

She adds that she has been angry to see her recently Troy Myers Campaign to become a deputy.

Lauren Scabar No interview was given.

Troy Myers deny everything

Troy Myers On Monday morning, he issued a statement rejecting the allegations and declaring the end of his election campaign.

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He says false statements about him are being circulated on social media. According to him, all these statements about unwanted behavior and inappropriate communication are completely false.

Troy Myers He says he has devoted his entire career to promoting a respectful and fair work environment. He says he made the difficult decision to retire from politics for the sake of those close to him, his colleagues, and his career.

NS. Myers He asserts that he will focus all his attention and efforts to combat False defamatory statementsand that he had previously consulted a lawyer to assess his options.

Troy Myers He thanks the volunteers who have supported his campaign so far and his family.

He says he intends to vigorously defend his reputation and that of his family.

Party leaders interact

Did the Conservative Party check before asking Troy Mers withdraw his candidacy? party leader, Erin O’TooleHe responded to this question by saying that his party takes seriously any allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment.

That’s why this person is no longer a candidate for our party, He said.

Canadian Conservative Party leader, Erin O’Toole.

Photo: Radio Canada

Erin O’Toole He added that his party wants to make sure that all of its candidates want to serve their country. He added that the Conservative Party wanted to support the victims and did not tolerate those targeted by such allegations.

He was asked about the candidate’s departure Myers And while the Canadian Liberal Party is committed to acting if one of its candidates faces such a situation, party leader Justin Trudeau said all situations are different and should be dealt with according to the appropriate process.

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Certainly, Canadians have a right to know that the people they represent, and whom they serve in the House of Commons, are not people who have shown disrespect or inappropriate behavior or face serious allegations.Justin Trudeau said.

Justin Trudeau holds a press conference.

Leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau.

Photo: Radio Canada

As a party, from the beginning of my leadership and even before I became Prime Minister, I have been unequivocal about the importance of the process […] Proving that there is zero tolerance for harassment and bullyingThe liberal leader added.

leave Troy Myers It occurred within hours of the end of the nomination period for the federal election on September 20, 2021. Elections Canada states on its website that the deadline for submitting the nomination paper is the 21st day before Election Day. Elections are at 2 pm (local time).

with information from Taryn Grant, from CBC

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