PQ meets at Congress in Trois-Rivieres

Is the conference the last chance?

Delegates will attempt to relaunch their training with a series of disparate proposals to be included in the programme, both as regards lowering the demand for transportation, providing free feminine hygiene products, ending segregationist practices in private schools, and where to implement a process to remove elected officials, rather than facilitating partisan activities in High Schools, CEGEPs and Universities.

Since 2012, PQ has recorded a steady decline in votes collected and has barely reached more than 13%, according to a recent Léger poll.

Only since its historic defeat in 2018, has the PQ party moved from the official opposition to the third opposition in the House of Representatives and lost three MPs: Catherine Fournier, Harold Lebel and Sylvain Roy. They are now seven to defend the sovereign option in the National Assembly.


Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon’s last leadership race in 2020 was crowned Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon, but the renewal momentum that was supposed to give the party was shattered by the health restrictions of the pandemic, which greatly limited the holding of political activities.

During this conference, delegates will amend and adopt a document called the “National Project,” which is a type of broad statement that serves as a program and contains 385 paragraphs.

The document is thick as usual in the PQ, but it relates primarily to the independence of Quebec, which is devaccinate, form of deglobalizationA new economic model to confront the climate crisis and defend the French language and Quebec culture.

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