Saturday, February 24, 2024

Conservative debate: a lot of pressure on Poilievre

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Tonight will be the first debate in the Conservative Party leadership race. All candidates will try to live up to what is required, to present themselves as heads of state, to defend their positions, their convictions, and their courage.

Discussion in the context of a leadership competition is a critical moment in leadership. Furthermore When abortion is on everyone’s lips and we at CCP.

So it’s an important meeting, especially for the two main candidates: Pierre Boulevard and Jean Charest.

Mr. Boliever must prove conclusively that he already had ideas to propose to Conservatives and Canadians, beyond empty slogans and phrases. A great talker, he knows how to use words to make his point and send fierce attacks to opponents. His speech honed, tested and approved of his supporters. But today, he will have to address all Conservatives and all Canadians, not just those who actually support him. Will his message convince them? If on some level he sets him up as a spectator both in the House of Commons and during rallies, he promises to deliver an impressive performance.

Mr. Boliever must hope that the recent debate on abortion does not feature prominently in the exchanges. He certainly doesn’t seem comfortable with this problem, despite describing himself as a pro-choice. He wants to spare goats and cabbage to gain the support of anti-abortion activists during this race. Will he have the courage to clarify this question that has appeared in the recent news?

As for Mr. Charst, his last debate goes back more than 10 years, in the 2012 legislative elections. Will he quickly regain his earlier reactions? Can he compete with the cutter and abrasive Poilievre? you have to do. One thing is for sure, the two opponents and their campaign strategies are different. For the first time, we will be able to compare them accurately at the level of ideas and at the level of ideas and convictions. After all, that’s what should really count in the race.

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