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Without Gallagher, the “fogrometer” would be greatly reduced

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Over the past few years, I’ve heard, like me, that Brendan Gallagher’s colleagues and coaches praise his enthusiasm and courage. It has often been said that he is team spirit.

How do you win without a soul?

Gallagher’s enthusiasm is remarkable. However, it has meaning only because it is preserved by other qualities. Its consistency first. A player who will only be fiery once in two matches will arouse more curiosity than inspiration.

There’s his talent, too. Gallagher scores goals and reaps the rewards of his sacrifices on the scoring sheet. His results speak for him. Artturi Lehkonen, to give only one example, gives himself completely to every attendee, like Gallagher. We can blame him for many things, but not his lack of commitment. However, his efforts are less coordinated and inevitably less productive. Has fewer chances to shoot on target. When this happens, 9 out of 10 mace are found in the opposing goalkeeper’s bib or in the back screen.

The engine is there, but the transmission does not follow.

Gallagher brand. Gallagher inspires. And basic quality, annoys Gallagher.

In the opponent’s head

The little number 11’s flexibility, tenacity, and ability to withstand blows without hesitation undermine the work of his rivals who have the impression that they hit a wall. We don’t really know how to get over it anymore.

Gallagher’s tongue is in his cheek, too. Besides his position, this other privacy annoys his opponents to the point of losing some of their focus. Nobody likes to play against a younger player who wins their fights and makes you look bad and gets in your mind.

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another person

All this is difficult to quantify. Even advanced statistics lose their cathodes. But it certainly cannot be replaced. You can’t improvise Brendan Gallagher.

In front of Toronto on Wednesday, Gisbury Kotkaniemi did a bad job alongside Tatars and Danolt. However, he had to stop being himself to play differently. I saw him more often around his network than I saw on the opposite network. And most importantly, if he did his homework to contain Matthews, Marner, and his companions, we definitely can’t say he bothered them.

Thursday, against Winnipeg, K I played a good game. We’ve seen her more in the opposing area. He does his best to fill a place that no one else can.

There is hardly any old (but effective) Corey Perry bothering the opponent, distracting him, and annoying him a little.

To recap: He lacks a dog, all of it!

Within Al-Kindi, it is Gallagher’s prerogative.

And Darwin?

With Dominic Ducharme heading the team, Jonathan Drouin chose to play without worry, making an effort to hold back in defense, wait for opportunities, and give himself a career as a supplier. One would think that Darwin implicitly assumes that he is now and always will be a getaway.

This translates to producing two goals in 36 matches. If he gives his decisive pass, we can always tell ourselves that he wasn’t wrong. But he only has four in the power game.

Worst of all: Drouin is playing more and more like a guy whose new career is no longer a good fit. It appears and feels. He is hesitant, devoid of initiative.

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I invite you to watch him in his next match. Often times when he completes a pass, instead of continuing the effort, instead of targeting himself, and dashing toward the net, you will notice that he rises and slows down, as if his job is over. I don’t know what to do next.

He doesn’t need anyone to play with his head. He does it very well by himself.

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