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Containment is not an exact science!

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Do you know the new national sport for the people of Quebec?

Look for discrepancies in the instructions we must follow.

Like: You can buy a magazine at Maison de la Presse, but not a book at a bookstore.

You can walk your dog after 8 PM, but you cannot run.

  • Listen to Richard Martineau’s comment on QUB Radio:

Futile game

Every time you find a gender conflict, you post it on social media and win dozens of new friends and thousands of likes.

The good thing about this new hobby is that anyone can practice it.

Because even the least defrosting journals can find inconsistencies in our sanitary instructions.

It is within reach of the first moron to come.

You can go to Costco, but not to the museum! Four thousand likes for you, hero!

Admit it: I’ve played this game before, many times.

What do you want, you must take care. We’ve been walking around in circles for 10 months!

When you go to see tutorials on how to make a shadow and goat turtle, the slightest new silliness fills you with joy.

But when you think about it, it’s a futile game. This does not lead anywhere. Of course there are contradictions! Of course, some of the instructions sound silly!

We live in an era of absurdity!

The whole world is in pause because some goshawk wanted to eat bats, isn’t that silly enough for you?

And the country that we all fell asleep shit now allows parties, concerts and rave!

Even more absurd, to look at a picture of a scaly anteater drooling …

Look for contradictions

We have never seen such a situation before. Start.

So we would definitely be wrong! Liberal democracies, which are based on respect for individual freedoms and the free movement of goods and people, are not designed to face such problems!

What do we close? What do we keep open?

It is not self-evident. Because unlike vaccine manufacture, the ABCs of containment are not an exact science.

Here, an example.

Costco warehouses sell food. So that they can stay open.

But they also sell another 20,000 patents. However, if you allow them to sell anything other than food, you are throwing away all the other businesses that they cannot open with your back.

So what do you do ?

You are forcing them to close certain sections.

You can buy kale and chips at Costco, but you can’t buy neighboring books.

Yes, that’s ridiculous! Yes, it is arbitrary!

It does not hold up two seconds!

But what will you do? Won’t you close any business?

Trace a line

The truth is that there will always be contradictions.

Will we spend the rest of the epidemic pointing fingers at them?

“You can buy a bowl, but not the clothes!” “


You can buy alcohol at exactly 18 years old, but not at 17 and 11 months … that’s ridiculous too! It is arbitrary! But you have to draw a line somewhere, right?

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