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Core i3-10105F reveals itself, details

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In addition to the Core i9-10900KS, another Comet Lake-S update reference (Core i3-10105F) was also disclosed online. This processor is not talked about because of its characteristics but because of its packaging.

This new slide is part of the Comet Lake-s Refresh family. The A cliché has been spread It unveils a reworked packaging with a simpler, more airy approach. The box highlights the Core brand with a background of several shades of blue. The reference appears at the bottom right. We’re a long way from packaging some Core i9 based on a two-sided plastic box.

Core i3-10105F, details

Core i3-10105F processor

In terms of processor, we are facing an entry-level targeted solution. The chip contains four physical and 8 logical cores. Turbine set 3.7 GHz. Usually the graphics part is a part of the game but nothing has been confirmed. Many hope for an Intel HD 630 or 610 graphics solution. The difference compared to the current Core i3-10100F has to do with the frequency. We have a slight gain of +100MHz. The boost frequency could exceed 4.3GHz but nothing has been confirmed.

Regarding the release date, we have no information but a possible parallel launch of the Rocket Lake-S missile. Why ? Rocket Lake-S will not usually offer a Core i3.

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