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Coronavirus (COVID-19) causes you to lose IQ points

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Coronavirus is causing people to lose intelligence quotient (IQ) points, a new study published in the journal finds New England Journal of Medicine.

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“We knew that Covid-19 had effects on the cognitive system. It is known to have an effect on the nervous system. They are starting to put numbers on the effect,” explains physician and epidemiologist Nima Maachouf.

In a sample of 113,000 patients, researchers observed an average loss of three points in IQ for mild infections, six points for long-term infections, and nine points for patients who had to go to intensive care.

“Cognitive deficits, what the study authors said […] I noticed, it's still something that gets better over time. “We should not despair,” says Nancy Delagrave, treasurer of the Canadian COVID Society.

In vaccinated patients, less cognitive loss was observed. On the other hand, additional infections increase the risk.

“The more you are infected with coronavirus, the more you are at risk. That is why coronavirus should not be considered a trivial disease,” says Nima Maachouf.

Experts stress the importance of ventilation in public places to avoid reinfection with Covid-19 and its consequences on the health of the population.

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