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Coronavirus vaccination in the Maritime Alps slows as the epidemic resumes

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Enthusiasm for vaccination is not dampened among people over the age of 75 who account for 12.5% ​​of the population of the Maritime Alps.

Kan has had to reorganize its services, and set a standard for vaccination so that she can answer calls.Up to 800 a dayDemand is strong but deliveries have fallen so steeply each week that Deputy General Manager Dr Dominique Oud Lasse had to close one of the two large open centers (Palais des Victoires) and combine the entire system at the Palais des Festivals. “We went from 500 vaccinations a day, possible to 110 today.” And 10,000 pending requests.

Same observation In Metropolis Nice, Christian Estrozzi announced that 75,000 people were registered on the vaccination platform (including 33,500 people over the age of 75) so only 8,500 people were vaccinated. Mayor of Nice asks the Minister of Health to provide more doses “The division currently has the highest infection rate in France at 447 and the presence of the British alternative …“The epidemic has been increasing for 10 days in a section on which a curfew was imposed at 6 pm for a period of 25 days,” he added.

Delivery delays due to Pfizer (ARS PACA)

ARS PACA wanted to answer our questions.

How many doses are distributed per week to vaccination centers in the Maritime Alps? According to what?

29,175 doses have been distributed in the Alpes-Maritimes region (through GHTs), and vaccines are delivered to “hub” hospitals in each department on a weekly basis. Doses are distributed according to two criteria: the ratio between the population over the age of 75 and the number of health professionals.

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Vaccines are delivered to facilities such as nursing homes … and vaccination centers according to the departments’ allocations and reception capacity for each center.

Is there a decrease in the distributions that were planned? How much? why ?

As is the case everywhere in France, vaccination centers have seen a slight slowdown in childbirth. After the production delay announced by Pfizer’s lab And for Moderna disconnected. Early this week, Pfizer Lab announced that it may start catching up with dose deliveries from last week. This delay will be fully compensated within two weeks. Moderna announces, for its part, the resumption and gradual acceleration of deliveries. In addition, the government has pledged to make the vaccinations available upon receipt.

Is the vaccination campaign late?

A vaccination campaign is underway in the Alpine Marine section and in our region.

On January 26, at the end of the day, there were approximately 93,500 people vaccinated since the start of the campaign in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, including 28,700 in the Maritime Alps. It is clear that the vaccination campaign must be adapted and modified and it must be dealt with realistically: the priority population will be vaccinated gradually. This progress will depend on the pace of recognition by manufacturers and the arrival of new vaccines in the regions.

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