Cost of Treatment in Germany: What Is It Influenced By?


It is believed that the European price tag for providing medical services is exorbitantly high. But patients undergoing medical treatment in Germany often testify to the contrary. The price of the diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation in Germany equaled the official price tag of many other hospitals in different parts of the world. Knowing more about it makes going to German hospitals for treatment more financially attractive.

How is the cost of treatment in Germany formed?

The cost of medical treatment in Germany is influenced by specific factors, among which the major ones are:

  • Local legislation, which allows medical institutions to offer discounts or make a mark-up on their own
  • Certification and reputation of the hospital
  • The comfort level of the ward
  • Peculiarities of a particular clinical case
  • Availability of an international department
  • Type of medical care
  • The health insurance policy of an individual

Generally, the pricing policy of German medical care is determined by two main components: fees for diagnosis and treatment, including medications and stays in a medical facility, and organization of treatment, including payment for interpreter’s services, paperwork, etc.

The prices charged by German hospitals consider the introductory price of medical services, the cost of medicines and all necessary materials, diagnostic services, and the cost of the stay. However, the final check may vary because of specific nuances, especially related to the stay of foreign patients. In Germany, doctors are not involved in determining the cost of treatment but in performing their function of treating and counseling patients.

More information about the cost of medical treatment in Germany is available on the Booking Health website.

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Is the cost of medical treatment in Germany flexible?

In a way, yes. For instance, if a patient from another country wants a high-quality coronary bypass surgery, the cost will depend on the complexity of the heart surgery in Germany. Accordingly, a heart transplant has one cost, while coronary artery stenting has an entirely different price.

In the case of treatment, the cost may vary both upwards and downwards in some cases. This is due to objective circumstances: German doctors can outline a specific treatment plan only after the patient’s diagnostics and available examination results. You may be offered an additional examination if new events come to light in the course of the diagnosis. This is dictated solely by medical considerations in Germany but not financial ones. It is your right to accept and pay extra for the procedure or refuse it.

As the treatment plan is discussed with the doctors, you can get information on the cost of treatment in Germany, should it change. Having received this information, you can decide whether to accept or refuse the treatment plan. People encounter cases when German specialists do not confirm diagnoses made in domestic hospitals; therefore, the treatment is not needed. In such cases, if the budget is unspent, any remaining funds will be returned to patients.

How to undergo medical treatment in Germany during a lockdown?

Quite often, choosing a clinic for a patient by himself becomes ineffective and dangerous. This is because the patient does not consider the specifics of the disease and how they correlate with the prices. It is important to remember: hospitals in Germany do not interact directly with private individuals from other countries, as they do not have the capabilities to coordinate and organize the process not directly related to the treatment process.

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Considering all necessary factors, Booking Health selects leading hospitals and develops an individual program of an outpatient, inpatient, or combined treatment for patients. As the company cooperates with the hospitals directly, pricing is 100% transparent.

Booking Health considers lockdown restrictions, all the individual characteristics of each patient, their financial abilities while organizing treatment in Germany during a lockdown. The company can help you with visa applications, paperwork, German health insurance, traveling, and literally any issues you have to solve.

Feel free to leave a request on the Booking Health website to start treatment in Germany!

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