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Which patients should be treated, which patients should be saved? These dreadful questions could soon be on topic again in Martinique CHU, as the fifth wave of Covid-19 approaches. Doctors demand responsibility and awareness for all.

CHU Martinique has now been through two years of hard times that it cannot continue to endure,” notes a statement issued by CHUM physicians. I have been deeply affected, since the beginning of this health crisis, both by the large influx of patients seriously affected by Covid, and by the very large number of deaths of both its patients and staff, and also by the present exhaustion of its vital forces which have so far bravely carried out their mission in a situation that has hitherto been Our institution never arrived.” And add: “CHU is currently facing a very worrying situation with a subsequent decrease in the sending of national reinforcements in health professionals that we have benefited from while the IV has never settled in Martinique and in particular to CHUM employees. “Other areas of interest to physicians: a severe shortage of nursing and medical staff in Chaum due to exhaustion, numerous sick leave and a social crisis depriving the general hospital of a large part of its vital strength; the inability, therefore, to open additional beds to manage the influx of Covid patients, and vice versa With the restrictions of their closures; the accumulated delays in the care of patients who are not infected with the Covid virus, who are seriously ill and require continuous care to ensure their survival; the current impossibility of carrying out medical evacuations towards the hexagonal shape taking into account the seriousness of patients on the one hand, and the health situation in France on the one hand other.

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20 deaths a week in the hospital currently

“It is clear that the situation is getting worse,” hospital practitioners continue. “The stats that bothered us, and rightly so, with 10 deaths a week now reaching 20 in CHUM. The way out that gave us during the previous waves and especially during the fourth wave, the deadliest, is still available to us.: Vaccination. The latter is advancing at a pace Fixed: More than 6 billion doses have been administered against Covid-19 worldwide. An unprecedented number has been demonstrated for a vaccine, although it has come under great criticism and fear from some to deal with severe forms of the disease.”

For clinicians, “it is now legitimate to say that the responsibility lies with everyone.” At the dawn of year-end festivities that often call for gatherings, practitioners are asking residents to respect barrier gestures, wear a mask, social distancing and ventilate the building. “Finally, doctors called vaccination.” If you are. You have already been vaccinated, then go to the third dose to increase the volume

Immunity and counteracting the highly malignant Omicron variant, which is already upon us.”

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