COVID-19: New Aquitaine Above Alarm Threshold, Epidemic Recovery Confirmed

The resumption of the epidemic has been confirmed in New Aquitaine (illustration image). (© Archives)

Nationally, the Epidemic recovery confirmed in New Aquitaine. According to the latest numbers from public health France, at the point of November 5, number New cases of Covid-19 recorded an increase of 14% (3,483 vs. 3,055 in the previous week), and steady infection rate to 58.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. That’s more than the preparedness threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 residents, which was crossed last week.

The number of new hospitalizations also continues to rise, with 145 new cases of COVID-19 patients being admitted, and three in intensive care.

Big differences according to age and divisions

except Charente Maritime, The Dordogne, The Gironde and the nationAll new Aquitaine divisions are now above the alert threshold.

Note, however, that if the increase in cases continues at this rate, the Gironde, today at 43/100,000, could reach this fateful threshold within two weeks.

The regional health agency also notes that people aged 70 to 79 remain the hardest hit by this epidemiological recovery, with a positivity rate of 5.5%. On the other hand, it is stable among young people (10/19 years old) and seniors (80/89 years old), and even decreases among those under 10 years old, on Halloween holidays since last October 23.

At the start of the school year this Monday, many schoolchildren from Nouvelle-Aquitaine will also have to return. In class with the mask.

The statement indicated

while a The group was identified at San Andrés Hospital This week, ARS indicates relaxation of septal gestures. “Despite the health clearance required at the entrance, it is still highly recommended to maintain barrier gestures, especially in enclosed spaces that receive vulnerable people. Mask wear is always recommended and hugs and handshakes are prohibited,” insists the health authority, which is also demanding a third dose of Booster vaccination, for those over 65 years of age, and for people at risk.

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It is in this context thatEmmanuel Macron will speak, during a televised address, this Tuesday, November 9. It should raise the topic of the third mandatory dose and provide an update on vaccination.

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