Covid-19: the astonishing breakthrough of the delta variant

Will the astonishing rush to vaccination centers be enough to stem the rising tide of infection? Between the rhythm of the injection and the inflammation, a frantic race had just begun. The epidemic is accelerating: all numbers are converging in this direction. Really ” Un Viral Tsunami “What threatens, as indicated in the interview given to us by Gabriel Attal, the government’s official spokesman? We haven’t gotten there yet, but the weather is really getting worse.

Scout side, is the rising bulge. The threshold of 10,000 new daily cases has not been crossed since the end of May. This is Done since Saturday. The latest publication from Public Health France is hardly optimistic. Noting “the deterioration of the situation has accelerated with the infection rate affecting all age groups (…) and all regions”, the National Agency notes “a very strong dynamic in transmission”, due in particular to the delta variable. Within two to three weeks, according to epidemiologists, this increase in contamination should be She makes herself feel even in hospitals. With what severity? It’s too early to announce.

Ten times less pollution when you are vaccinated

We now have strong evidence to prove it Infection decreases when you are vaccinated. Odile Launay, an infectious disease specialist at Cochin Hospital (Paris, 14th century), who urges those who hesitate not to miss the boat, reassures Odelle Launay that there is a risk about 10 times less than the risk of transmitting disease. “This is the time to vaccinate everyone, because the longer the virus is allowed to spread, the greater the risk of resistant variants emerging,” she cautioned.

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In the UK, where the pandemic is racing, with now more than 50,000 new infections a day, that risk is so high thatA group of influential international scholars called the government To reconsider its decision to move to the final stage of de-liquidation. The risk, they said, was to “undermine the epidemic control efforts not only in the UK, but in other countries as well”.

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, does not hear it that way. On Sunday, he stressed that this is the “appropriate moment” to lift the recent restrictions, and he called on residents to be vigilant. “Please be careful,” he said in a video posted to his Twitter account, referring to the “severe infection” of the delta variant. Ironically, the case of contact with the Minister of Health, where he was forced to be placed in solitary confinement on Sunday.

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