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“The Ministry of Public Health would also like to conduct a special wake-up call for all people associated with the school environment, including of course families with children and youth in school, as I mentioned. There are currently 26 bubble groups in the district’s administrative classroom.”

Things continue

While the cuts that will take effect on Friday and Monday represent “good news” for the Ottawa family, Dr. Benard believes that people in the region face “a collective challenge to maintain stability, and even better to maintain trends. Weeks.”

According to the dismantlement plan announced by Prime Minister Francois Legault last week, “the majority of” Quebecers must pass into the Yellow Zone by June 14th. Dr. Benard recalls that such facilities are “conditional on a favorable epidemiological situation.”

And she stressed that “it is not certain that we will be able to be part of the majority of regions that should be able to move to the yellow level in mid-June.” […]The situation should remain stable and equal [qu’elle] It continues, in fact, to improve so that we can go to a more advanced level of disengagement. “

The borders are still closed

The border between Quebec and Ontario will remain closed when the Outaouais’ declared relaxation operations come into effect over the next few days.

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