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Covid-19: They say they feel after effects after a few months

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While she was going to help during an outbreak in Manoir Belle Vue three months ago in Edmundston, this cardiac rehabilitation nurse contracted the virus.

“I couldn’t get away from her with everything she tried to do; Annie Dion said: Where she came from, how did she contract in that house, we don’t know.

She developed symptoms for 17 days. Although she did not have to be admitted to the hospital, she is still suffering from the effects of the virus and has only recently returned to work full time.

“It was like a roller coaster. One day is going well today, another day is father! No more shortness of breath, no more fatigue.”

Annie Dion is not the only one in the health sector who has contracted the virus while performing her duties. It confirms that employees are constantly looking for preventive measures.

“Everywhere in the hospital, it takes extreme vigilance; because he’s so vigilant, he gets draining, and he gets tired as well,” continued the person who has worked at Edmundston Regional Hospital since 1999.

Edmundston resident Jill Cormer was hospitalized February 2-16 due to the virus. Like others, he also says he feels a lot of tired.

“The main thing is lack of energy. All I want to start doing, it doesn’t have to be big tasks, I get tired quickly.” behold.

It is difficult to understand why people insist that they do not want to be vaccinated.

“I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine today, tonight. I’m not afraid of receiving it, I wasn’t scared the first time,” Annie Dion said.

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For his part, Gilles Cormer declared: “It is better to be vaccinated than if you have the disease, it is less dangerous than falling in the states that a person with Covid passes through, it is really not pleasant.”


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