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CPE teachers continue their pressure tactics

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Teachers affiliated with CSN will hold a three-day strike on November 2, 3 and 4, and those who are part of the CSQ will strike for two days on November 1 and 5.

About thirty teachers from the Pierrot Garden CPE in Rouyn-Noranda affiliated with the steelworkers’ union have gone on an indefinite strike since October 13.

Equipped with banners, they have been held in a picket line at the entrance to the center for more than two weeks.

Stephanie Tremblay, who is entering her 18th year in the profession, is part of the group. It regrets the slow pace of negotiations with the Government.

But it intends to continue the strike as long as it requires the confirmation of its demands.

For many years, I have found that there is a real lack of it towards us as educators, but also all careers in you say.

Demonstration of breeders from the CPE Piero Garden in Rouen-Noranda.

Photo: Radio Canada / Boualem Hajjouti

At the center of the conflict is a salary question, explains CPE union president Manon Leclerc.

Business conditions have deteriorated over the past ten years. We suffer loss after loss, there is no or almost no increase in the past 10 years, and that is enough. It’s the lowest paying professionas you say.

Someone who comes back here and doesn’t have experience because we’re having a hard time hiring starts with a base salary of $16 or so. So he is not tempted to work when he can go to work in many other trades that require less work for more wages., she adds.

Sonia Label speaking to reporters.

Sonia Leibel, President of the Treasury

Photo: Radio Canada/Sylvain Roy Roussel

The Treasury Board is proposing to increase teachers’ salaries by a maximum of 20.2% over three years, but they will have to work up to 40 hours a week.

For Steelworkers Union representative Sonia Sharett, government salary offers are insufficient.

Where it hurts these increases are they are concerned that teachers in large part and the CPE network are not just teachers, there are many other employees, and several other types of employees. Jobs so it is important that all of these women get an appropriate salary increase, the union official mentions.

Also in Ms. Leibel’s presentation, is the desire for teachers to work 40 hours a week and that is not what educators want. This battle was fought several years ago. It is a difficult task, it is important to have a balance between work and family. And if we want to recruit young people, it must be attractiveas you say.

For her part, Stephanie Tremblay relies on parental support to fulfill the demands of teachers.

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