Crisis in SPVQ: Fourth video emerges

The SPVQ Thursday confirmed the information that was first reported before Quebec Magazine. Police have confirmed not only the presence of a fourth video under investigation, but also the participation of a client who was already suspended after muscle interventions last weekend, at the source of this real crisis that is now shaking the Metropolitan Municipal Police Authority. .

According to the district manager of Saint-Joseph, a Saint-Roch-area restaurant and bar, police from the band GRIPP stormed the establishment on the evening of October 16 because customers were dancing on stage, which was prohibited under sanitary measures.


Alain Marceau was on site at the establishment but said he didn’t see the whole scene. However, he saw a man being carried outside horizontally By the police, clearly damaged.

And only after watching the security cameras did he notice that the man in his thirties had been violently thrown against a wall, hitting his head hard. Wasn’t expecting that, thought Mr. Marceau.

The director of the enterprise did not fully understand the reason for this interference. According to two sources Radio Canada was able to speak to, there was some wrangling during the intervention. The couple, parents of two children,

Mr. Marceau was unable to provide the videos to Radio Canada, because his system only held the recordings for a short time. It was the couple in question who requested a copy. The video also went to the offices of SPVQ.

With this video, there are now four entries under internal investigation by the Quebec Police. SPVQ President Dennis Turcot provided an update Thursday on the steps underway.

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More details to come

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