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Custom Windows vs Stock Units – What’s Better for Your Renovation Project?

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So you have decided to makeover your house and start with replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones? That’s a great idea! Getting new windows significantly raises your property’s value, helps to cut down on energy bills and just makes your house look terrific!

But with so many window options out there, it might be challenging to decide what style, glazing, hardware to choose. And what is more important – would you just need to buy the ready-made windows or order the custom solution? Well, we found it interesting that Canadians usually opt for Ecoline custom windows, avoiding massed-produced units. Interested why? Want to know which solution will be best for your renovation project? Read on and find out!

What are custom and mass-produced windows?

Well, everything is quite simple here. Custom windows are those units that are made specifically for your house, taking into account your rough opening, preferences regarding glazing, hardware, frame materials, etc. 

Stock or mass-produced units are those windows that you can just always buy coming to a hardware shop or order from a local dealer.

Why do Canadians prefer custom windows over stock units?

When doing the renovation works, homeowners always strive to install the units that will serve for many years, match their house design perfectly and raise the home value significantly. And for all these reasons, choosing custom replacement windows is the best solution for your property. What can you expect to customize when ordering new windows:

  • Size. This is probably the most critical issue here. When considering stock units, you might get in trouble finding the size you need, especially if you require non-standard options. With custom windows, you will be sure to match your rough openings and install your new windows properly.
  • Window style. While casement, awning, picture or hung windows are pretty common, you might want to go farther and make your home design unique by installing octagon, trapezoid or circle windows. These window styles are usually only custom and should be properly discussed with your local window company to ensure correct sizes and installation.
  • Frame material. Well, when buying stock windows, you can also choose from the most popular options, but with custom units, you can go not only by choosing the frame material itself but also the unique painting and look. And by far, the most popular option is Vinyl that offers amazing energy-efficient properties, easy to maintain and can be painted just like you want.
  • Glazing. Want your units to be more energy-efficient? Not a problem, order triple glazing combined with Argon gas to ensure the best thermal performance. No need to spend extra in your climate zone? Fine. Double-glazing works perfectly.
  • Painting. Want your house to look catchy? Go with a custom painting to complement your exterior perfectly.
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Custom vs Stock Windows – What’s for You?

Okay, you might think that ordering custom windows should be your only solution after reading the paragraphs above, but it really depends on what you want from your home renovation project.

Go with custom windows if:

  • You want to get a non-standard window style
  • You are really into unique painting, frames and hardware to complement your house
  • You want to save on annual bills by getting units that combine the best thermal performance components – glazing, gas and other window treatments
  • You want to increase the value of your house.

Choose mass-produced windows when:

  • You exactly know what you need in terms of sizes and window look, and all these are available on the market
  • You don’t want to wait for several months or more while your custom windows are being produced.
  • You are on a tight budget and not ready to pay some extra for custom units.

What to look for when shopping for new windows?

So, whether you choose to buy custom windows or stock, that’s fine. But you really should make sure to purchase and install the best possible product that will serve you for many years. How would you do that? Here come the several simple but tested tips:

  • Go with the Energy Star windows, no matter you buy custom or stock units. Energy Star-rated units ensure maximum energy efficiency and comply with all industry standards, meaning you get the best product for your money.
  • Check whether your new windows match your house design. If you want your windows to raise the property value, it is vital to get not only efficient units but also aesthetically pleasing ones. 
  • Ensure you get the correct installation. DIY here is not an option. Hiring a pro is a must. But finding and dealing with a reliable company might be challenging. Always check online reviews on HomeStars and ask your friends to recommend a great local installer. Moreover, your window company should always follow your local building code and CSA guidelines to ensure correct and hassle-free installation.
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The Bottom Line

If you have read this, you should now be more aware of what you need. Custom windows are a more popular option since homeowners always strive to get the units that best complement their house. But if you are on a budget and do not require something specific, probably stock windows are worth giving a shot.

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