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Dave Chappelle blocks Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena amid controversy

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The American comedian, who released a statement this week saying he was a victim of Cancellation culture On his comedy piece, he will present his movie without an address At the 19,800-seat arena on November 15.

History is part of a larger documentary tour that includes a live presentation of Dave Chappelle & friends.

The only show scheduled in Canada sparked criticism online after Scotiabank Arena posted the ad on social media with comments disabled.

Some interpreted this decision as a way to circumvent any controversy regarding the reception of the representative at their workplace.

Acknowledgment from the owner of the site, Maple Leafs for Sports and Leisure (MLSE), indicating that it regulates a A variety of public events And In some cases, certain aspects of the content may be offensive or harmful to some and will not reflect the views or values ​​of our organization.

MLSE Remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a safe environment for all enthusiasts and employees who choose to attend an event, supporting groups that choose not to attend an event due to content that could offend or be harmful, and work is underway to create a more inclusive environment for positive and lasting social change, Organization added in an email.

Protesting Netflix

In recent weeks, Dave Chappelle has been criticized for showing it to Netflix the closest, where he devoted a large part to narrating controversies with the LGBTQ community. He ends up asking if trans women are really women, declaring himself Radical Trans-Exclusion Feminism.

The special caused an uproar at Netflix as some employees staged a protest at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters last week, drawing attention to employers’ policies on blanket programming and calling for better representation across the company’s governing bodies.

People protest outside the Netflix offices on October 20, 2021

Photo: afp via getty Images / FREDERIC J. BROWN

A number of soap opera stars broadcast on the platform expressed their support for the protest, including Halifax-born Elliot Page, who tweeted: I support trans, non-binary Netflix employees and BIPOC (Native, Black, and Colored people) who are fighting for more trans stories and a better, more inclusive workplace.

Dave Chappelle posted a video to Instagram on Monday from one of his recent live shows where he explained how the fallout affected the release of without an address :

This movie I made was invited to every film festival in the United States (…) and when this controversy surfaced the closestThey’re starting to take me away from these film festivals, did he say.

Today, this film will not touch a film company, nor a film studio, nor a film festival. Thanks Ted Sarandos [le PDG de Netflix, NDLR] and Netflix. He’s the only one who hasn’t canceled me yet.

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