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Cyrano | Very convincing adaptation ★★★ ½

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Tony Vaughn
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In a long time, the blacksmith Cyrano, who is in love with the beautiful Roxanne, is careful not to reveal his feelings to her because he does not like her appearance. One day, Roxanne assured him that she loved Christian, the royal guard. Knowing how to handle the act, Cyrano puts in Christian’s mouth what he burns to say himself to his lover.

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Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

We did not expect anything from this new modification of Cyrano. The early minutes of the movie, with these gritty, cynical, and dangerous characters, seemed right. And then… no!

Far from our hasty impression, the majestic and real nature of everything soon unfolded before our eyes, and was imposed on our hearts.

This first scene, in the theater, specifically, has something very subtle with those spectators piling a bit anyway on the floor, his wobbly fit, his loaded decor, sure, but no ostentation.

It all seemed very compelling to us. This has been conveyed in several passages. In the baker for example, or even better, in a massive night scene of a sword fight where Cyrano, alone against many opponents, triumphs without fanfare before dissolving into the night.

Speaking of night, this cyrano dark as hell. The film was crossed through several series of shadows, shadows, and nights with heavy atmospheres. The lighting work is wonderful.

It should be noted that director Joe Wright (penanceAnd the I’m KareninaAnd the worst case) Not another is coming.

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That said, good cyrano There is nothing without an excellent explanation. And now we serve. Peter Dinklage casts his character as an awkward man of his size, but at the same time very attentive, loyal, and skilled with words. The comedian is flawless from start to finish.

Dinklage and Haley Bennett are also resuming their roles as Cyrano and Roxanne embodied on stage, in an Off-Broadway production. They know them like the back of their hand and run the transition to the big screen with flying colors, which isn’t always the case (remember what’s awful Dear Evan Hansen, last year).

The soundtrack was written by brothers Bryce and Aaron Desner, from the American group The National, in collaboration with singer Matt Berenger and his wife Karen Besser. Interpretation is variable with less successful paragraphs etc (wherever I fall) very convincing.

Cyrano is presented in the original English version, subtitled in French and dubbed in French.



Musical Drama


Joe Wright

With Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr.

2:04 am


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