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Dan Bigrass sadly announces the end of the project

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Tony Vaughn
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Dan Bigras announced on his Facebook page, Thursday, some unfortunate news.

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by the way, Dan Bigrass Announced that the next day shelter viewwhich will take place on October 13 in La Toho, which will be broadcast on Radio Canada Next December, it will be his last. At the same time, he announced that he would no longer be the spokesperson for the event.

Indeed, in spite of himself, the multifaceted artist had a lot to say about the end of this prestigious project.

“Hello everyone. Usually the announcement of Show du Refuge is very interesting. Today is harder. Much more difficult. My heart is torn, but after thirty-two years of hard work, but also of great musical pleasure, I find myself tired, and my thoughts are running out. I have I’ve been doubting for several years and putting off my decision….and now it’s time to make room for others, younger and crazier…says our compatriot Robert.

After the 2022 bid is published, I will not be at the helm of the show nor will I be an official spokesperson for the Refuge des jeunes,” he launched in a long and agonizing print.

the last shelter view Written by Dan Bigrass to be welcomed on the main stage, Jeanette RenaudAnd the Guilin TangwayAnd the yamaAnd the SamyanAnd the Marie Nicole LemieuxAnd the Isabelle BoulayAnd the Lulu Hughes as such Los Duvolt.

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We would like to thank Mr. Bigrass for all his support and great generosity.

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