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Daniel Boucher calls on independent artists to ‘appear with pride’

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(Sainte-Anne-des-Monts) Singer Daniel Boucher has launched an appeal to sovereign artists: Show yourselves “with pride for the independence of Quebec”.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

The singer-songwriter and resident of Mont-Louis in Gaspey made his remarks Tuesday in Sainte-Anne-de-Monts. Daniel Boucher has come to support Party Quebec leader Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon, who is visiting the region this week, as he did with Jean-Francois Leslie in 2018. It has been clear to me for a long time.”

“What I hear, what I see, excites me, and what I feel around me, impresses people,” he said of the PQ leader’s current campaign and performance. “If I had found an apartment in the countryside, I would have stayed at home,” replied a reporter.

The early years of Parti Québécois were long marked by the support of Quebec artists, such as Gilles Vigneault and Paul Piché. Does he think that too many sovereigns are staying at home while the AKP fights for their survival in this election? According to Léger’s latest, PQ will have 9% of voting intentions in Quebec.

“I have always displayed my separatist colors in a clear and presumed manner, and with a lot of pride,” he said. “I can’t do that to others, but […] I invite the separatists to show themselves with pride and dignity for the sake of Quebec’s independence. »

Young Quebec artists recently lent their support to Québec Solidaire. This is the case of singer Emile Bellodo in particular. Chloe Belgaj also participated in a concert organized during the party’s political conference last November.

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