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Daniel Cotto filming Magic Family in Gatineau

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at Magic family, The magician Daniel Cotto, his wife, accidentally turned into a lamp, and the two teens, Houdini-Maud (Jane Belleville) and Merlin (Sebastian Symby), returned to live temporarily with Couto’s grandparents (Marie Chantal Perron and Luc Sinai)) and the clan’s grandmother, Mémé Gripette (Carmen Sylvester) ).

Not only will the four generations have to learn to live together under one roof, but they will also have to deal with the supernatural and somewhat absurd powers of each of them. The neighborhood of Coutu, including the Fallen Witch (Stéphane Crête), is completely whimsical. All ingredients collected for a series of crazy adventures.

Daniel Cotto in an interview on the set of the series “Famille Magique”, which he imagined and produced, in addition to playing his own role.

Photo: Radio Canada / Oliver Highland

This family is out of the ordinary: it’s totally stupid, totally charming, then we just have fun with these icons.

Quote from:Daniel Cotto, co-author, actor, and producer

Magic family He is currently filming in Gatineau in a home studio created by Productions Prestigo (Here is the magic, Creatures & Co.) And Outaouais Fund Directed by Daniel Cotto. Right from the magician’s imagination, the sitcom is starting to pay off thanks to the pen of Isabel Bruno Brunet, author and curator of the 26 30-minute episodes expected to be shown on ICI TOU. Television by the end of the year.

Visualize the presentation of your dreams … all the way to the studio

Lover of comedy series (Comedy series), Daniel Cotto was particularly inspired by shows like In a galaxy near youAnd the A pomegranate fruit though And the Hell RadioWho listened to when he was a teenager.

If he always wanted to create his own version, the magician explained his idea, about four years ago, indicating that his daughter was laughing at the old episodes of Full house, Series that aired in the late 80’s and is now available on Netflix. What appealed to his daughter so much? The daily life of a family that brought together three young girls, their only father and their entourage, Daniel Cotto.

It is very universal and very simple. […] If we look at a series that has been running for a long time, it is always this: a family that loves each other, is loving. It made me want it [créer] This version, Magic, version 2021, He explains.

The Creator took the concept even further by incorporating a touch of madness into his everyday life Family invented. Turns out, the magical house the Coutu clan lives in is a character in its own right.

Magic really opens the door to a lot of originality in the series, because we’re not bound by any logic. Silly humor has no logic … In short, we have a lot of fun, while trying to maintain a certain consistency (laughs), but there’s not much.

Quote from:Daniel Cotto, co-author, actor, and producer

As a producer, the latter wanted filming Magic family In his area, adding a layer of challenges to the project ever since Photography infrastructures, studios in Gatineau, do not exist, He says.

So his company, Productions Prestigo, rented a warehouse and then consulted professionals before installing the lighting and kits in order to build the perfect studio. Wanting to help develop local expertise, the team has also targeted props, technical director, construction and other craftsmen in the Ottawa Gatineau area.

According to the producer, shooting on Magic family Which began in March and will end in July, will bring about $ 1 million in economic benefits to the region.

Honestly, I think mission accomplished. It works very well!He is happy to use this formula to launch other future projects in Ottawa.

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