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Eddie’s jazz series, Damien Chazel, is coming to Netflix

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Rotating camera, close-ups, jazz sessions … the series Eddie Unlike anything else, he sometimes approaches cinema and prefers the energy of theater over script.

Distribution has a lot to do with it. Along with André Holland, seen in moon lightIn the role of head jazz we find Joanna Kolej, the Polish singer and actress who blew the screen in the film cold War, As well as Frenchman Taher Rahim, who is particularly known for playing in it Prophet, And French actress Leila Bakhti.

Paris appeared

The other star of the series is Paris, who shot anything but a postcard, after twenty weeks of filming there. Say goodbye to traditional shots of the Eiffel Tower, the banks of the Seine, or the jazz cellars of Saint-Germain-des-Pres: the action takes place around Minilmontan, in eastern Paris, as well as in the surrounding suburbs.

Eddie It is an opportunity to show a vibrant mixed city where characters speak French, English, Arabic or Polish, a sentence begins in one language and ends in another.

2H Since the creation of Damien Chazel No, no land

Behind this project, one of Netflix’s most ambitious projects, hides French-American filmmaker Damien Chazelle, who entered seventh art history to become, at the age of 32, the youngest winner of an Oscar for Best Director about No, no land.

Before the Los Angeles musical’s success, he had already demonstrated his flair for music with much note injury, Which chronicles the toxic relationship between a jazz musician and his mentor.

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Executive Producer of EddieDamien Chazel directed the first two 16mm episodes, a format usually reserved for cinema, before handing over to Hoda Ben Yamina, who revealed, in 2016, his first feature film. divine.

Police achievement and artistic creativity

The eight-part series is about the Eddy jazz club and the suffering of its American boss Elliott, who left the United States and appears to be hiding things from his past.

He tries to keep the club afloat with his partner Farid (Tahir Rahim), despite debt problems, possible embezzlement and the arrival of his daughter Julie from New York.

Each episode centers around a character, Elliot first, then Julie, and Princess (Laila Bakhti) until The Eddy in the final episode.

The plot, which revolves around the club’s financial troubles, also includes a police investigation that is conducted after the tragic death of a character and deals with artistic creativity.

Music, the other star of the series

Eddie It gives a real jazz show. The series’ music was created especially for the occasion by best-selling author Glenn Ballard, who has contributed to several iconic albums, including Bad By Michael Jackson.

It gives the whole a dimension a bit outdated, not quite present, but not of everything that is rooted in the past.

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