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Danny Macciusia has been planning a coup for a year

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Montreal Alois announced on Thursday evening that they have acquired the rights to Quebec attacking goalkeeper Laurent DuVernay Tardiff, but will they count on his services at the end of the season?

General Manager and interim head coach Danny Macciusia has hinted that it is still too early to expect the departures of the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets chiefs.

Watch his interview in the video above.

“It’s a project (I’ve been working on) for a year,” he said on LCN radio broadcasts, Friday afternoon. We were able to do this 24 or 36 hours ago with Calgary Stampeders.

According to Makusia, the transaction is as symbolic as it is strategic.

“He’s a very successful player. Both on and off the field. I think he’s a model for us student-athletes in college ranks, as the former Carabins driver from the University of Montreal explains.

“If he decides to play football in the Canadian Football League, his rights belong to us and you will be with Aloette. It is a great pride for us.”

Maciocia reiterated that the team currently does not guarantee that the McGill University product will see action. If so, Montreal will send its next second-round pick to Calgary. Stampeders will also have the option to reverse the selection for the next first round with Alouettes, if it turns out to be higher.

He explained that at the moment, no direct concrete dialogue has taken place with the doctors’ camp.

“I know him very well, but I couldn’t talk to him until I got his rights because he was going to have a raid. Since I had his rights, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Laurent and his agent.

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We can discuss if there is a possibility. He will understand our position here.”

“LDT” played eight games with the Gates last season. The Stampeders took 19th place at the 2014 Canadian auction.

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