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Fortnite is hosting the Galaxy Cup 3 this weekend, only on Android

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During these two days, the best players will be able to win an Outfit before it reaches the store.

Featured Image: Epic Games

Epic Games is finally thinking about mobile game lovers, especially those who use Android, Since with Apple, it’s a completely different story…

On July 16 and 17, all Android players will have to compete for two hours, with a maximum of 7 games, to try to accumulate as many points as possible to rise to the top of the ranking in order to receive the rewards. Note that on July 16, Galaxy Cup 3 will take place in the North American West region and on July 17 in the East North American region.

This competition will delight many players as it will be conducted in zero build mode and in single mode.


In terms of rewards, Epic Games will be giving away Khari (Galactic Evolution) in-game cosmetics and the “Quiver of Truth” back embellishment. For this, it will be necessary to be among the first 2,300 players in the North American East region or among the top 800 players in the North American West region.

As usual, the organizers of the Galaxy Cup 3 also wanted to please the participants, but they quickly failed to offer a small reward. Thus, all players who participate in this competition and who get a minimum of 8 points, will automatically receive the Galactic Creation spray.

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point system

For this competition, each elimination will bring one point in addition to the one obtained thanks to the position in the ranking.

  • Victory Royal: 30 points
  • 2nd place 25 points
  • 3rd place 22 points
  • Fourth: 20 points
  • Fifth place: 19 points
  • Sixth: 17 points
  • Seventh place: 16 points
  • Eighth: 15 points
  • Ninth: 14 points
  • Tenth: 13 points
  • 11 – 15: 11 points
  • 16th to 20th place: 9 points
  • 21 – 25: 7 points
  • 26 – 30: 5 points
  • From 31 to 35: 4 points
  • 36th to 40th place: 3 points
  • 41 – 50: 2 points
  • 51 – 75: 1 point

How to play Fortnite on Android

In case some players don’t know how to play Fortnite on Android, just download the game from your Android device and enter one of them on Samsung Galaxy Store or on At this point, all you have to do is log in with your credentials or create an account if necessary and go to the Competitions tab and then venture into the battlefield.


It is important to remember that it will not be possible to exchange, sell or even give a bonus obtained during the event to another player. For more information on the official rules, Epic Games unveiled it live on its website.

Of course, to participate in the PlayStation Cup, players must have activated 2FA authentication, have at least a level 50 account, and be at least 13 years old, not forgetting to respect the Fortnite User License Agreement.

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