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Dark and violent Batman in the new trailer

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The nearly three-minute video was shown on Saturday as part of the DC FanDome event showcase. We see the Black Knight methodically eliminating his opponents, thanks in particular to his batting suit that absorbs many shots from the rifle.

The footage indicates audiences will be treated to a dark and violent version of Batman, with Pattinson’s voice saying of Bat’s signal: Fear is a tool. This sky tearing light is not just a cry for help; It is a warning.

The trailer gives a glimpse into many of the iconic characters and devices from the saga, including Catwoman (played by Zoë Kravitz), the Penguin (played by mutant Colin Farrell) and the Batmobile speeding through the streets, impervious to explosions.

The first scene in the trailer shows the police arresting Bruce Wayne in a restaurant. The milk from his coffee spins to form a question mark: the calling card of Batman’s enemy, the Sphinx.

Later in the footage, Pattinson is heard describing the situation in Gotham City: It’s a real powder keg. The Sphinx is the spark.

The film is directed by Matt Reeves, to whom we owe the last two chapters of the song series. planet of the apes. Batman Premieres March 4, 2022 in Canada.

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