Former President Bill Clinton leaves hospital

(Los Angeles) The head of the medical team that treated him said that former US President Bill Clinton, 75, left a California hospital, where he was admitted Tuesday with an infection.

d saids Alpesh N. Amin in a statement released by Mr. Clinton’s spokesperson on Twitter.

Live footage from CNN showed a masked Clinton and his wife, Hillary, leaving the facility and raising his thumb in front of the cameras.

Dr. added.s Trustworthy.

The former president will have spent five nights in the hospital.

According to the American media, he initially contracted a urinary tract infection that spread into the bloodstream, causing sepsis.

He was in California for a founding event when he felt tired. He went to the hospital where the risk of COVID-19 or heart problems was ruled out.

President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, he had many health problems in the past. He had to be hospitalized in 2004, when he underwent quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery to free four blocked arteries, and in 2010 when he underwent an angioplasty.

This led him to adopt a vegan diet and publicly discuss the change in diet he pledged for better health.

“Things might have been different if I hadn’t eaten so many burgers and steaks, and if I had had less stress in my life,” he told ABC.

When he left the White House after two terms, this delight threw himself into many humanitarian and diplomatic issues.

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He has traveled the world to participate in generously paid conferences such as traveling to disaster areas or raising funds to fight AIDS.

Little by little, its pace slowed down. He still co-founded it, supporting his wife’s – unsuccessful – campaign against Donald Trump in 2016, but he travels less.

He lives with Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York.

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