DAS ÇABOUGEICI Radio-Canada Awards 2021

In 2014, The This initiative was launched to introduce the achievements and experiences of French speakers in sports, physical activities and entertainment. Honored with athletes, coaches, and visionaries, the The He wants to inspire the next generation to stay active in the French language.

Radio-Canada Manitoba was an event partner in 2018 and 2019 and is related to it again this year.

Elise Manager

At 9 years old, Elise Manager is a standout athlete. Despite her young age, she does gymnastics at an elite level and has already won many awards. In addition to being a corporate ambassador for gymnastics shirts, Elise shines through her kindness, positivity, and support for other athletes.

DAS Elise Manaigre Award

Photo: Radio Canada

Gear Teatro

Gear Teatro is first and foremost a hockey fan. This passion loves to be shared with the young country players he coaches. In winter, as in summer on artificial ice, it offers preparatory and training programs for southern Manitoba youth. Young people appreciate his leadership and the importance he attaches to the physical and mental health benefits of sport.

DAS Gerr Tétreault Award Winner

DAS Gerr Tétreault Award

Photo: Radio Canada

Cup Philo City

In partnership with Accueil francophone, Coop Vélo-Cité piloted a cycling trip project in the fall of 2017 to encourage youth to integrate into society. This project also promotes the bike as an active means of transportation with the promotion of the Saint-Boniface neighborhood. Over time, the initiative encouraged other Francophone organizations, such as DAS, to join the event.

Fernand Gregoire

In 2015, Fernand Gregoire won the DAS Award in the Insights category. He is also considered a pioneer in teaching physical education in French in Manitoba. To thank him for his contribution to the French-speaking community of Manitoba, he was praised by half a dozen former students.

DAS Awards ceremony poster in honor of Fernand Gregoire

DAS Award in honor of Fernand Gregoire

Photo: Radio Canada

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