Canada Games: Maurice turns to organizing national championships

Thus, the region can once again express its interest in organizing the Games in 2031 or 2033.

it is being done. It is a long process. We are far from [de la course]. I’m not saying we’ll get themshot in an interview on the show always in the morning.

I think we should continue to have hope. »

Quote from Claude Fillmore

Until then, Morrissey hopes to host other major events such as the Canadian Championships. It will also conduct an inventory of those who have not yet found a host city in the coming years.

In this way, the working committee wants to build a reputation that can play in its favor during the final nominations for the Canadian Games.

Towards a historic partnership?

Those responsible for the bid were informed three weeks ago that New Brunswick had been chosen to host the 2029 Games.

La Mauricie got involved because the county government was having trouble agreeing to accept them.

At some point, we got information that New Brunswick, it was not certain that they would agree to receive it in exchange for a financial matter and did not agree in Parliament to receive themClaude Fillmore explained.

He who tries nothing has nothing. There was a hatch and we went in and at the same time we raised our hands to say we were there. »

Quote from Claude Fillmore

Claude Fillmore (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada

Discussions also began with Yukon to Canada Games Class.

Part of it went to Yukon and part to Morrissey. In Quebec, we chatted with them and [le ministre] François-Philippe Champagne was part of these discussions. She was in a very embryonic stage, but we were talking with the Yukon Prime MinisterMr. Fillmore added. This type of partnership was the first.


The businessman indicated that this adventure will highlight several positive elements. First, the collusion between Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan is now strengthened, he says.

The committee also found We were calling for the Canada Games and we were one of the areas least supportive of Olympic athletes. We thought we had to do something. From there came the Mauritius Athletes Fund (AMF). There will be more ads. He would have brought it.

But if the region wants to host such an event, work will have to be done on the level of sports tourism. oh my god we pity […]. We noticed that tooClaude Fillmore said.

The latter is certain of one thing: he will not participate in any future candidacy, saying he needs a breather.

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