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Deal damage with silent weapons in Fortnite Week 7 Challenge – Breakflip

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Silent Weapons have been reintroduced to Fortnite, with the first Wild Week! It will be needed for one of the tasks of the week.

the The first wild week season seven It is an electronic game, puts it in the spotlight silent weaponsFor seven days! There is a legendary challenge available for this wild week, and it obviously has to do with these silent weapons, which have just been integrated into the game.

You just will have to IDeal damage with silent weapons. It’s not too complicated, it’s still necessary to know silent weapons!

How do you deal damage with silent weapons in Fortnite?

In the first wild week of Season 7, new weapons will be coming to Fortnite. Actually they go Replace existing weapons with silent weapons. As its name suggests, it does not make any noise when used!

These weapons, epic games (Source) gave the list: toEpic or higher pistols, assault rifles, and all segmented sniper rifles will be replaced with silent variants: Silencer gunsAnd Silent Assault Rifles And Silent sniper rifles.

New Silent Weapons in Fortnite

So you should try to get these different weapons to check the challenge. They don’t have a specific location, but they should be a lot On the map, as it replaces many of the weapons already in the game. damage the opponent To complete the search!


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