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Duty to pass the vaccine: What the experts think

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Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, a researcher in health policies and systems, stressed, during his appearance in the French news bulletin 2M, that the aim of extending the vaccination permit is not to limit people’s freedom, but rather to ‘stop the spread of the virus’.

“In my opinion, there should be a commitment to vaccination,” the researcher argued. “This should be the norm, especially among health and education professionals who are on the front line,” he added, concluding that we are moving toward a commitment to health passing on a planetary scale.

The same story on the Arabic-language JT website. Speaking live via Skype, Prof. Dr. Ezzedine Brahimi, director of the Biotechnology Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Vaccination, insisted on the need to open the discussion about extending the use of the vaccination permit.

According to the professor, the twenty-first century will witness many health crises. Thus, it is necessary to open the debate now on such concepts as democracy, justice and above all the concept of freedom.

“The freedom of some stops where the freedom of others begins.”, an unvaccinated person undermines the health of the population, bypassing their margin of freedom. For Ezzedine Brahimi, this is where another idea enters, the welfare state.

“The state must guarantee health security for all citizens.” He says before pointing to it « This discussion is healthy. It started in other countries before ours, and it turns out that freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. “.

In conclusion, the professor believes that the state should intervene and legislate on the issue of extending the validity of the vaccination permit, because “The general interest of the nation” justify these actions.

Studies, competitions and public services .. Will the vaccination pass soon become an essential document?

“Morocco will move towards compulsory vaccination” (Dr. Said Afif)

Anas El Rhazi

August 19, 2021 at 2:52 pm

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