Defeated Amanda Simard by Stephane Sarrazin at Glingary – Prescott – Russell

At the beginning of the sort, it was a circle GBR It was the scene of intense competition between the liberal candidate and the progressive conservative candidate. The gap between the two widened as the counting proceeded, although it remained by about a thousand votes, especially in favor of Mr. Sarrazin, before his election was announced.

Amanda Simard, Glenary Liberal candidate Prescott Russell, was not re-elected Thursday night.

Photo: Radio Canada / Remy Uther

In the last provincial elections in Ontario, in 2018, Amanda Simard was elected under the Progressive Conservative Party banner with 41% of the vote. Thus his victory put an end to 37 years of liberal rule.

From municipal politics to Queen’s Park

In July 2021, Stefan Sarrazin confirmed that he wanted to make a leap in regional politics and defend the party colors of outgoing Prime Minister Doug Ford.

Stefan Sarrazin took his picture outside, behind him is a shelter.

Stefan Sarrazin (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada/Denis Papin

Before running under the Progressive and Conservative party banner, Stefan Sarrazin was very active in municipal and regional politics.

Until very recently, he was mayor of Alfred Plantagenet, a community with a high concentration of Francophone speakers in eastern Ontario. In 2021, he served as Chairman of Prescott and Russell’s United Provinces Board of Directors (UCPR).

The newly elected Queen’s Park Progressive Conservative Party believes that these engagements in municipal politics played a decisive role in its favour in this race that was expected to be strong from the start.

People know I’m here to represent them. I will be a good voice in Queens Park, and I am truly here for the good of the community. I’m not here for my own goodhe said in an interview with Radio Canada during election night.

I think all the mayors and all the people in the area know that, so I have the people’s trust, and that’s what makes the difference. »

Quote from Stefan Sarrazin, MPP elected to ride Glingary – Prescott – Russell

Several mayors of the region were present at the electoral rally for Stefan Sarrazin on Thursday evening. According to the main interested party, they have together I worked on several files And they know Exactly what are our priorities.

Three men are talking.

A few mayors from the United Counties of Prescott and Russell were in the Stefan Sarrazin caucus. Left to right, Robert Kirby of Hawkesbury-Est, François St-Amour of La Nation and Pierre Leroux of Russell.

Photo: Radio Canada/Denis Papin

Went to say it with Someone who knows the priorities, having a voice in Toronto is a plus for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. It’s a winning formula for us.

Unlike his liberal rival Amanda Simard, the Progressive Conservative Party candidate GBR He defended the Ford government’s record of Francophonie, despite all the criticism that has been leveled for this purpose over the past four years after the famous Black Thursday.

Amanda Simard I feel good about his campaign

Shortly after the release of results in GBRThe current MP and defeated candidate, Amanda Simard, said: I feel good Regarding the situation.

Mrs. Simard considers it paid Clean campaign, professional campaign And she and her volunteers did their best during it.

After the campaign we’ve had, I think we can get out of it with our heads held high. »

Quote from Amanda Simard, current MP and defeated liberal candidate at Glengarry – Prescott – Russell

Amanda Simard admits it: She knew she had to be re-elected It will be a challenge. however, We did really well and I’m really proud of my team. I feel goodShe concluded.

He criticized the absence of Amanda Simard on the ground

While Amanda Simard’s image is relatively positive on the national and international scene, she has had her fair share of criticism in her own leadership. She has often been criticized for her absence from the field, particularly in 2019 during the floods, the Francophonie Banquet at Prescott and Russell and the visit of the Deputy Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dodswill.

This is without counting that two days after he joined the Ontario Liberal Party, the Liberals criticized, even rejected, Amanda Simard becoming the presumptive candidate for horseback riding. This was particularly the case of the former Member of Parliament for GBR In Queens Park, Jean-Marc Lalonde, as well as the former Regional MP for Prescott and Russell, Jean Poirier.

Amanda Simard sitting at a table in a cafe smiling for the camera (files).

Amanda Simard was the Ontario Liberal candidate to ride Glingary Prescott Russell in the 2022 provincial elections (archives).

Photo: Radio Canada/Olivier Plante

Mr. Pourier criticized, among other things, Amanda Simard for often absent from his leadership during important events, such as Memorial Day celebrations in 2018.

Recently, in the midst of an election campaign, Hawkesbury Mayor Paula Asali criticized him for being absent from the scene.

I have never met Mrs. Simard on an individual basis. I just got a call from his office once since 2018mentioned.

Despite the criticism, Amanda Simard has tried to increase her presence on the field in recent weeks. She even met the citizens who had suffered the consequences of the devastating May 21 storm. On this occasion, she was accompanied by Head Chef Stephen Del Duca.

Three politicians discuss in front of the damage caused by the storm.

On May 23, Clarence Rockland Mayor Mario Zante received a visit from outgoing Representative Amanda Simard accompanied by Ontario Liberal Party leader Stephen Del Duca (archive).

Photo: The Canadian Press / Justin Tang

She also participated in a debate in Embron where she took advantage of the absence of two opponents, including Stéphane Sarrazin, to shorten the work of the other candidates present.

Colorful mandate for the outgoing deputy

A few months after being elected in 2018, Ms Simard shut the door to Doug Ford’s party after denouncing his government’s cuts to Francophonie.

After the famous November 15, 2018, now known as French-Ontario Group Black Thursday, Amanda Simard chose to sit as a freelancer.

The official-elect justified her choice with his desire to defend francophones in Ontario, a position that was welcomed at the time, including her riding in eastern Ontario.

Amanda Simard answers a journalist's questions in a crowd.

Independent Member of Parliament for Glengarry Prescott Russell Amanda Simard at a rally in Rockland, Ontario (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada

Her defense of French truth and her objection to cuts in French language services in Ontario earned her the role of ambassador in this regard. Through this role and position, she became a familiar face of Franco-Ontario, and even of Francophones outside Quebec.

In an interview with Radio Canada during election night on June 2, Amanda Simard reiterated that her gesture was guided by her principles and not by a desire to be re-elected.

I didn’t make that decision to get re-elected. It really was a decision [prise] as a principle. »

Quote from Amanda Simard, current MP and defeated liberal candidate at Glengarry – Prescott – Russell

Leaving the party CPAP It sparked a wave of reactions, including those of a former liberal MP for GBR, Jean-Marc Lalonde. The latter subsequently expressed his desire that Mrs. Simard remain within the conservative Progressive Caucus, as she was one of the only Francophone speakers in which she participated.

In November 2021, Amanda Simard was officially nominated as the Ontario Liberal Party’s candidate to ride Glingary-Prescott-Russell in the 2022 provincial elections.

With information from Remy Oether, Dennis Papin, Samuel Bliss Gauthier, and Charles Laland

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