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Defeating Americans: Trump blames ‘crazy left’

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Former US President Donald Trump criticized American football players led by a “crazy left-wing extremist group”, after their defeat in the semi-finals of the Games in Japan, especially attacking star Megan Rapinoe.

After losing 1-0 to the Canadian team in the semi-finals, the US team finished well on Thursday, beating the Australians 4-3, thanks to a double… from Rapinoe.

“If our team, led by an extremist group of left-wing lunatics, had not been ‘awake’ (a term denoting awareness of injustice and used contemptuously by some conservatives), they would have won a gold rather than a bronze,” Trump said in a statement.

He added of Rapinoe, 36, the world champion: “The purple-haired woman played very badly and spends a lot of time thinking about radical left politics and not doing her job!”

A feminist activist, on the front lines of the struggle for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community ever since Out In 2012, she was also very politically involved.

Rapinoe actively campaigned for Democrat Joe Biden against Trump in the 2020 presidential election, but she was already one of the billionaires harassed before.

In the event of the World Cup being crowned, neither she nor her teammates will go to the White House under Donald Trump, she privately warned in 2019. After a bitter tweet, the president has abandoned inviting the world champions to Washington.

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