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Demonstration against the curfew: “What have we done to deserve this?”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Protesters against imposing a curfew at 8 pm in Montreal caused many damage to companies. Among them, Eric Luxenberg, a two-restaurant owner who believes he has lost his window and honor. The more evening passed, the more protesters arrived at Place Jacques-Cartier near its restaurants.

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Eric says: “At six in the morning, there were people praying quietly, and at seven in the morning, there were people, at eight in the morning in Place Jacques Cartier, it was as if it was December 31 without an epidemic where there are so many people and at 8.15 In the morning it started, Luxenberg.

The owner told Denis Levsk on Monday that he has nothing against the protest, but that it should be done calmly without attacking the dealers.

Are they forced to pull out rubbish bins and throw them in the windows, what do we do with the youth? We will be the first to give them work, we will be the first to give them pleasure, and we will be the first to take care of them, their parents and everyone else. What we did to deserve it, ”confirms Eric Luxenberg.

Restaurant owners are among the hardest hit since the start of the pandemic, which has been forced to close twice.

“Our restaurants are closed, we lose money every month and not knowing how many months this will last because we are not talking about anything. Then there are a few fools who come and break everything.” He said angrily, “I’ll tell you if he’s my son, he’s going to be bad.”

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Mr Luksenberg asked the Denis Lévesque program to obtain better protection from the authorities, especially for those who respect the regulations like him.

“The government is asking us to do things, but at some point, be it the city or the government, they have to ensure our safety.”

However, according to the owner of “Chez Érik” and “Crazy Lobster”, the epidemic will end more restaurants than one thinks, especially if they have to pay for repairs due to breakdowns.

“I am paying $ 100,000 in trade tax, they are closed and they haven’t told me yet if I should pay them or not, but they will have to pay. Do we have a right to our safety in Montreal or are we really Banana City”

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