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After a 99-day feud, the baseball moguls and the Players’ League reached a five-year agreement.

Now that baseball fans are able to attend their favorite games, there is one key note that we must analyze together. I will return to the various aspects of the agreement.

The owners and the players association are out of touch. First, it was within their rights that Major League Baseball announced its closure. However, this group of billionaires led by Commissioner Robert Manfred decided to take a cruise, but instead of traveling by boat, they took the scenic route that runs along the Pacific Ocean between San Francisco and Los Angeles by car. They waited more than six weeks to make their first show to the players. I’ve never seen so many deadlines imposed by commissioners that were as menacing as an empty water pistol.

Tony Clarke, who is now president of the Players Association, was also on furlough. The two sides met occasionally, but it was not until late February that they began talking in earnest.

Tony Clark, a former power hitter and Executive Committee member at the negotiating table, believes they are in control of the players.

A fatal strategic mistake on the part of the players union. They asked to vote for the first time for the representatives of each team’s players. The Players Association’s Executive Committee voted 8-0 against the proposed Major League Baseball deal.

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The voting power of the Players Association consists of 8 members of the Executive Committee and one player representative for each team for a total of 38 votes. Reality hit Tony Clark and his band hard. A hitter after such a court usually gets up quickly to show confidence. This time, it will stay on the ground for a long time and will be very wobbly once standing.

The final vote was 28 in favor of the agreement and 12 against it. This means that only four teams supported Tony Clarke. The good news, Clark and Robert Manfred, will be leaving their positions at the end of the season because they will no longer be able to follow the show.

good news

Finally, young players who make up about 60% of the league will get good financial compensation. The pick hitter will be used in both leagues this season. Next year, the special field defense will be scrapped, and there will be a 14-second count with no one at the base and 19 seconds with runners at the base between each floor.

Despite all the contentious talks and false start negotiations, the league and the federation kept a 162-game season, with a 12-team playoff format.

As for players, the payroll tax increases by $20 million. Which means that the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Red Sox have an extra $20 million available to them before they are penalized.

In the meantime, good evening! Baseball season begins on April 7.

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