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LEGO Princess Peach is coming this summer!

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In collaboration with Nintendo, the LEGO Group just announced the arrival of the iconic princess in figurine form.

Featured Image: LEGO

In fact, after LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi, it’s Princess Peach’s turn to enter the world of Super Mario, starting August 1, 2022. The famous girl in distress will receive a set of products such as LEGO Super Mario Starter Level Adventures With Peachas wellPeach Castle Expansion Set.

starting level

Initially, fans of this universe can find the Peach figurine, which gives instant expressive responses using an LCD screen, and a speaker that broadcasts the iconic sounds of the video games from the saga.

It will also be possible to connect the Peach figurine to a Luigi or Mario figurine via Bluetooth, in order to collaborate together to achieve challenges. Note that for this, it will be necessary to acquire LEGO for these two men.

These adventures with the Peach Starter Level Pack contain 354 adjustable pieces and go on sale August 1st for $79.99.

Castle Extension

As for the castle set, it has a throne room with a wall that turns to reveal the chariot, a peach stained glass window, an action-sign Pop-Omb painting, a cake with a hidden gompa inside, and a special tip: peach castle, time block, “broken” bridge, a fruit cup with Purple fruit and more.

It is also indicated that it is necessary to have a starting level of 71360, 71387 or 71403 for the interactive game.

This 1,216-piece bundle, containing the expansion kit, will be available starting August 1, but for $169.99.

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Princess Peach Month

Even if nothing is official, the August release date would not be a coincidence. In fact, this month is considered fishing month in the US, Nintendo would have taken the opportunity to say it’s Princess Beach month.

With the release of these two products, fans will be able to earn digital coins and help the princess ride the swing to unlock gifts, while defeating enemies like Lemmy and the lava bubble or befriending the yellow frog.

So it will be necessary to wait until August 1 to be able to get Peach in LEGO from some retailers or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Other outings

LEGO has also announced the release of several other sets:

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