Detail the Canailles group

After 10 years, three albums and an EP, the Canailles group announced their official separation Tuesday.

Marisa JuguetMarisa Juguet

It’s been a while since we heard of the popular / popular bluegrass band. However, some members have been active in recent years with other projects, notably Bon Enfant and Lumière.

“Some will notice that even before the pandemic we had slowed down a little. We needed to rest, rest and think about what to do next. Time passed and we came to this decision that we are announcing today: miscreants are halting their activities,” we read in a long and poignant statement on Facebook.

Canelis recounted some of his accomplishments and other milestones. The group, formed in 2010, also wanted to explain its decision and express its gratitude. “It is important for us to tell you that it is not the quarrel that separates us. We have just gone to the end of this journey. We feel we have something new to say, but somewhere else. We need to turn the page. Nice big page of ten years and a thousand kinds of impossible things. That happened to us, “writes the group, which signs this letter, with the names of the ten new and former members.

Hence, it is the end of Karanil’s “craziest and craziest” adventure.

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