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Details on the Crew Dragon that will change everything during the first civilian flight

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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SpaceX will revise its capsule, to add an element that promises an unusual view of space for the passengers of the first civilian orbital flight. At a conference on Tuesday, the space company revealed which team will take shape This historic tripIt is mainly made up of people from the common people. The opportunity to talk about the Crew Dragon, the spacecraft that SpaceX developed on the order of NASA, and usually makes flights to the International Space Station (ISS).

Although original and unusual, this multi-day journey in LEO will leave many limitations on SpaceX. The thing that interests us today has to do with the capsule docking system of the International Space Station, which will not be necessary because Mission Inspiration4 does not intend to move towards the international satellite. Therefore, SpaceX took the opportunity to add the element that should increase the enthusiasm of its guests: a glass dome that provides a panoramic view.

The company founded by Elon Musk made an exceptional announcement by illustrating the project with a picture showing this famous dome. If SpaceX remained true to this, the astronauts on board would not have any element that would disturb their field of vision: the surface would be completely glazed. It will be protected by the aerodynamic housing of the capsule, closed during takeoff and landing.

Unprecedented feeling

The dome will be a nod to the famous dome on the International Space Station for professional astronauts, which until then was the best vantage point for Earth from space with our own eyes. Now with this Dragon Crew Capsule After his rehabilitation, the bullets of the civilian staff should have nothing to envy with his device. The first time you open the top coat, the experience must be overwhelming, not to mention mind-blowing.

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As a reminder, today only a few hundred astronauts have had the opportunity to observe a very special phenomenon of the brain: the discovery with our own eyes of the entire planet Earth, at a distance from it. Scientists took this phenomenon so seriously during the astronauts’ return to Earth that it even has a name: an overview effect. In addition to producing a strong sense of belonging to the blue planet, it has actually produced various consequences for the astronauts, whose subject is regularly intimate … not to mention the taboo.

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